I Like

siaoyue bought me this…


Small packets of konnyaku jelly. I like. Very nice. Great success.


8 Responses

  1. when you see the liverbird, do you see a barbequed bird or liverpool?

    anttyk: A juicy stuffed oven roasted pheasant. Yum!

  2. mrcb n tailog mkt price so keng aldy..u rich lor :p

    anttyk: Sold. Long time ago. 😦

  3. wow wee!

    anttyk: WawaweewWA! The US and A.

  4. Please Happy Valentine Sean for me. slurp slurp.

    anttyk: Done. :p

  5. me also wan… 😦

    anttyk: There’s no more left. Hehehe.

  6. “we support your war OF terror” & “may george bush drink the blood of every iraqi women and children”.

    cracks me up everytime. :p

    anttyk: Me too.

  7. “I liking the Pamela Anderson very much. I want to making love with her and make romance explosion on her stomach…”

    Happy (belated) Valentine’s bro…

    anttyk: Thanks bro.

  8. Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!!1

    anttyk: A bit early, aren’t we? :p

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