siaoyue, Kaysee (a dude), Panty (another dude) and Little Doggie were stealing bones chatting after lunch today.

siaoyue: Wah… I saw Kaysee’s girlfriend the other day lah.

Little Doggie: Really ah?

siaoyue: She has a really hot body.

Kaysee: Erm…

siaoyue: Damn hot lah wei.

Panty: Ya ya. Hot hot. Agree.

siaoyue: Maybe that is why Kaysee’s eyes are so HUGE – the after effects of him seeing the girlfriend’s body. *puts on an exaggerated shocked, wide-eyed expression*

Kaysee: Hmmph.

siaoyue: Haha.

Kaysee: Oh, now I think I know why your boyfriend’s eyes are soooooooo small… Nothing to see.


Kaysee, Panty, Little Doggie and me: HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!



It’s good to be back at work.


12 Responses

  1. This theory is flawed. I have big eyes. No cute guys around me.

    anttyk: Heh heh. Theory is sound. See spiller’s comment.

  2. to gemma momma : you got humsup eyes mah

    btw, where was sean? not back to work ah? tell her i miss her. 😀

    anttyk: sean went to London for Chinese New Year. She’s in Melaka today.

  3. plz post full pic of babe with hot body.

    thank u.

    anttyk: When I have it, I will post it up. Maybe I’ll forward it to spiller to post up, suits his blog more, I think. :p

  4. Gemma Momma: u got daddy Owen mah 🙂

    anttyk: Ya lor.

  5. anttyk,
    can you tell your friends to be nicer to me 😀

    anttyk: Lils, my friends are all secretly in love with you.

  6. no no.. i wnt pics of ur leng loi frens up in here. much like when KY used to pimp his girlfrens on his blog. hehe.

    anttyk: I’ve only got Sean. And she’s booked by sic already.

  7. *looking at seekarlui*

    if the theory is right, some part of u cld be abit short.. ahem..

    anttyk: Ya… My fingers.

  8. What if I am cross eyed. What could that mean?

    anttyk: Err… Can’t think of something creative. Sorry. Maybe 9 can help.

  9. Sic,

    If it makes you makes you blood boil, sean and i spent a coupla nights in London..

    drinking and making merry…

    its was a knockout really,

    alot like john terry…

  10. jeevs,

    the thought of sean getting naughty gives me a blood rush. 😀

  11. Ooh, jeevs, you just made me sound like a harlot..damn you.

    sic, happy belated valentine’s day to you too. I missed you too

    Heh, scary-nya. What on earth is going on, man? Digging my own grave. Btw, KC is becoming the source of a fountain of tales, don’t you reckon?

    anttyk: Heh heh. I love your tales. KC scares me.

  12. whois sic ah???

    anttyk: sic is Sean’s online lover.

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