Can you smell it? Sniff, sniff.

The weekend’s around the corner!


My wish for the weekend? Please, please, please let us beat Boro. Please, please, please make Manure lose to the scousers.

Have a good weekend guys. :o)

= = = =

Oh, and before I forget. Happy birthday Sean! Many happy returns.



13 Responses

  1. sean!!! i love u forever and ever!!! u bitch!!

  2. beer, ciggy, cake and bra straps.. this weekend will definitely ROCK!!

    go Magpies and Liverbirds!

    anttyk: Go go go!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, ant!!! Picture not really necessary…but thanks, champ. May Boro’s arse be kicked by the Geordies this weekend.


    Eh? Why am I a bitch? What did I do to you? I mean apart from making up stupid topics so you had to drink lah. But love you long time too, babe!

    anttyk: You’re welcome Sean. Any two dollah service for cass?

  4. Happy Birthday Sean !

    Anttyk, I hope you stomp on Bodo’s nuts and I hope FIFA gives you what you want. Then you can return my tweetie to us 😀

    anttyk: Uwaaaah! Both wishes pun tak jadi! Uwaaaah!

  5. SMASH AND GRAB!!!! maybe GOD is a MAN UTD fan….not that liverpool GOD!!!…..

    anttyk: Oooo… Very dangerous statement there El Dee. Hilang all your hubcaps, then, you know.

  6. I am so happy for my Man Utd team. 🙂

    anttyk: Cis.

  7. Excerpts from soccernet:

    “Newcastle’s European hopes took a major dent as they failed to make the most of their dominance over derby rivals Middlesbrough. Obafemi Martins also passed up three glorious opportunities as Glenn Roeder’s men repeatedly put Boro under pressure, but simply could not make it tell in front of a largely disappointed crowd of 52,303.”

    And the icing + cherry:

    “Manchester United produced a smash and grab 1-0 victory at Anfield that could well see them clinch the title.It will be a result savoured for years, one that almost certainly gives them the title.”

    anttyk: ^%@#&^%%$^@^%%##@^%*&@!!!

  8. Happy Sean Day! Muah 10X!!!

  9. I thought United should have lost that one. Not even a draw mind you, but a loss.

    If anything I think Liverpool were UNLUCKY to lose, more than United were lucky to win.

  10. Just as United were unlucky to lose to West Ham once and Arsenal twice this season, even though they played the better football throughout.

    A football is round, there are no sides to it. All it takes is one shot to take all 3 home.

    To all sour-grape-Scouser-supporters, don’t be a Wenger. Just swallow the jagged lil’ reality pill.

  11. happy b’day sean. hope u had a nicer weeknd than us scousers did.

    my lap dance services are at ur disposal as and when u need them. :p

    anttyk: OMG.

  12. The world is against us, Anttyk. *sniffs*. Let’s hug each other.

    anttyk: Yes… Uwahhh!

  13. *sigh* These delusional manures. You guys were outplayed by the arses in both games, and you still have the audacity to claim that you were ‘unlucky’. Gimme a break.

    Sorry anttyk, I just had to retaliate :p

    anttyk: Manure tembak-ing is always welcome here. :p

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