Phrase of the Month


“This is Sparrrrttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”


(Drawing courtesy Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, Dark Horse Comics)


11 Responses

  1. I’m not sure that when you fall, you go “Yaaaa…” I am pretty certain that while I was falling out of the plane, I definitely went “Fak fak fak Osheet osheet osheet Fak fak fak…”

    anttyk: LOL. Come to think of it, I am not sure if I’d dare take my first jump solo (tandem seems safer). Scared.

  2. spraaaat sounds like a wet fart.

    anttyk: LOL.

  3. Ooooooooooooooooooo! Am dying to watch the Movie!!!!! Been waiting for a long long looooooong time for it!
    Though I’d agree… first thought if get kicked down a bottomless pit would be ‘osheet’ and ‘fak’~ hehehe…. probably a few ‘damit’s too….

    anttyk: Dammit seems a little too reserved for this kind of situation, Mitch.

  4. i prefer:

    “tonight, we drink in hell!”

    anttyk: Yeah, but for that phrase you can’t do that kicking action. You should try this:

    THIS IS …. *kick somebody* …. SPARRRRRTTTTTTAAAAAA!!!!!

    It’ll put hairs on your chest, I tell you.

  5. i wud prob be shouting, HAM KA CHANNN!.. whilst pushing someone into a bottomless pit.

    anttyk: Haha. What would you say in BM?

  6. imagine 300 spartans doing brokeback mountain each other?

    anttyk: Ewww…

  7. Someone please push me into the bottomless pit and let me die…….

    i want to die…!!!


    anttyk: Okaaaaay…

  8. I’m gonna watch on IMAX, I’m gonna watch it on IMAX..yay yay!

    the boobies are gonna look huge….(drool)

    anttyk: Man boobies? Like Balak’s? Shudder.

  9. Dude, in this country takde censor…so definitely more than just MAN boobies…

    anttyk: Cheh! Malaysia pun takde censor. Pigi bili kat DVD unker la! Gerenti tak ade censor punye. Clear jugak.

  10. sudah tengok semalam, itu lelaki punya boobies besar sial… nampak pun syok… saya suka… perempuan duduk sebelah saya asyik tengot saya pun boobies.. macam comparing saya punya leper and its Spartan punya besar sial… malunya…

    anttyk: I shy…

  11. y u shy?? u ok bah… last time i saw u… thought u were wear a B cup d… not bad for an oldie like u… still can fit a B cup…

    anttyk: Very funny Vince.

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