Some people are born geniuses, with cognitive and mental abilities far superior to ours.

Broken Wind is one such person. He is fine specimen, a really brilliant chap. Einstein? Tesla? Newton? Pah, lightweights.

Anyway, one day as Broken Wind was working on the Unified Field Theory (surfing for prawns), his laptop computer crashed, a picture of Pamela Anderson frozen on the screen.

He scratched his head and soothed his karipoop hair. No problems here. He pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del and waited.

Nothing happened.

Hmm. That’s odd. He tried again. Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Pfffttt! The laptop refused to respond. He was still stuck on the same screen.

He poked at the on/off button a couple of times. The laptop did not respond to his prodding.

Poke some more. Poke poke pokey poke. Pamela stared back at him passively, mocking him.

Is that the best you can do?

Would you like to know what he did next?


Broken Wind removed the power cord from the wall socket. The genius then sat down and waited for the laptop battery to drain completely.

Two bloody hours.



14 Responses

  1. one old fart in my office saw ‘socket error’ on his screen and promptly checked his wall socket

    true story.

    anttyk: Haahaha.

  2. Tar Fei Kei lor… what else to do… mauhaha…..

    anttyk: In office?

  3. I know tar fei keh! I’m good at languages, i tell ya 😀

    anttyk: Haha. We know, Lils.

  4. u forgot to indicate what he did after CTRL-ALT-DEL din work………..before waiting 2 hrs dude…

    anttyk: Oh ya. He closed the laptop lid. And opened it again. A couple of times. LOL. I can’t remember whether he banged the keyboard. Did he?

  5. Advice:Remove the laptop battery.
    That’s what I do now …… after learning my lesson of waiting for the battery to die (that was the time I was a non-IT Savy person).

    p/s: Love the new look of the blog ! 🙂

    anttyk: Hehehehe. You waited for the battery to die too? Hehehehe.

    Thanks, I am a little obsessed with blog templates. :o)

  6. woah. this is truly stupidity (or intellect) at its peak!

    anttyk: :p

  7. Broken Wind wouldn’t be the same sod who also masquerades around the office as “The Rat”, would he…cos it sounds like a thing out of his book…

    anttyk: No, no, no, no, no… Broken Wind is The Rat’s pet.

  8. nah, i’m just wondering what he was doing until his laptop can crash… eek

    anttyk: You wouldn’t want to know… :p

  9. haha.. u think he’d surf for prawn anymore? 😀

    anttyk: Who’s surfing for prawn? Who’s surfing for prawn? Where? Heh.

  10. Why Broken Wind? Is it because he is like a fart stain (tm Rosie O’Donnell)?

    anttyk: I have e-mailed you explaining why. :o)

  11. yeah… y not… if in the office room too many ppl, then go to the toilet lor… muahaha.. let me guess.. that idoit who waited for the battery to die of… iss… theee one and only….. MAR CHAN..talks alot but no nothing… muahaha

    anttyk: *scratches head*

  12. Oh, i get it, Broken Wind is the latest edition to the Erotic Room Services team…got wind of him from Sean…

    anttyk: Ahhh… You have been enlightened by our Sean. Good, good… Now you see the light.

  13. One idiot in my office thinks Anthropology is a study about ants.

    This idiot also happens to have a Masters in Economics. Kisah Benar !(check my link)

    anttyk: Hey! Long time no see…

  14. make up ur mind la with ur template.

    where were u jokers last nite? next week make sure u cum to futsal, ait.

    whack u if u don’t.

    anttyk: Yes boss. Saya akan hadir minggu depan. Some other futsal court can ah? Itu Footy Futsal court quite bad condition leh.

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