The weekend’s around the corner.

I love weekends.

What I enjoy most is draping myself on the sofa, eyes fixed on the telly – watching football.


What do you mean there’s no football this weekend?


Why, why, why? What am I going to do lah this weekend?



4 Responses

  1. on the notebook, make it hang again while trying to download Pam Anderson’s booby and tar fei kei lor… whatelse can u do?? if not, then go out and be a babi lor… i find the second option more appealing.

    anttyk: Happy birthday Old Man. Many happy returns. 31 years old already – have to learn some political correctness. Come back to KL, we miss you bro.

  2. If no football to watch this weekend, play some balls lor… err I mean football or futsal ya 😛

    anttyk: LOL… Playing with balls sounds dodgy.

  3. I hear you bro! Bloody boring weekend. Sigh.

    anttyk: At least you have four Michael Owens to play with. I have to work… 😦

  4. Me miss u too old man antass… don’t worry.. am planning to comeback soon…very soon…

    anttyk: Wheeeee.

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