Pan’s Labyrinth


“Lo que ahi habita, no es humano.”

This movie kicked assssssssss. I want to learn Spanish now.


18 Responses

  1. Wonderful movie! Went to watch it with Ryan not knowing it was in Spanish. Knew some Spanish, so don’t need to follow subtitles so closely. Would definitely see it again. Stupid to eat those grapes, ya think?

    anttyk: Somehow, I knew she would give in to temptation… I went noooooooooooooooooooo… Hahaha. The pale man monster was cool though.

  2. looks like horror movie?

    anttyk: Nope. Beautiful fairy tale.

  3. is it like a kid’s program?!?!?!

    anttyk: More for adults, as the film is set during the Spanish Civil War in the 30s. Cinematography was breathtakingly stunning.

  4. Was more deserving of the Best Foreign Film Oscar rather than that German political thriller. I like political thrillers but this wins hands down in every category – editing, sound, visuals and story

    anttyk: I agree.

  5. was it as scary as Hantu Kopek?

    anttyk: LOL. Hantu Kopek is scary.

  6. Go watch 13 Tzameti… its good… dunno whether in Malaysia have or not.. cool movie..

    anttyk: Issit?

  7. got as good as cicakman?

    anttyk: Cicakman rocks!

  8. better than cicak man… its a russian movie.. very interesting

  9. then also watch the movie “PARFUME”
    interesting too

    anttyk: Who’s in it?

  10. Ra Ra Rafa! see spanish is ezy when u support the right club.

    anttyk: I know some Spanish too! Cassilasraulgutibeckham… Heh heh.

  11. rite sicko..
    “viva la rafalucion!”

    anttyk: Good win, scousers!

  12. the main actress quite fully grown up at her age :p

    anttyk: ???

  13. woit..magpie win also no update ah ? Congrats:)

    anttyk: Hehehe. Sorry. A bit busy. Went to watch the F1 race. More on that later…

  14. PARFUME?? No famous actors or actress in it, but its a good story.

    anttyk: Hmm…

  15. this is so salah man:,,2052964,00.html

    his first match should be for the toon army. what has england done for him but give his jersey number to jermain dafoe the minute he got injured?

    anttyk: Ya lor… Me also pissed.

  16. Who ask Owen to be so stupid..bodoh… there is no future in Toonland…

    anttyk: How come your comment is not related to the post one?

  17. well, senile old man… talk things that don’t jive.. its normal.. come to Pontian now… its damn boring here.. help…!!!

    anttyk: I dunno what to do to save you la uncle. :p

  18. i thot this is a kiddo movie, no ar?

    anttyk: Nope.

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