2007 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

Seekarlui, a massively hungover Sean, AirAsia Girl and I went to Sepang to watch the 2007 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix last Sunday.


The race was great fun, but there was a twinge of disappointment as well, as the event highlighted how inadequate Malaysians are at organising world class sporting events.

In terms of the tourism industry, we are lagging far behind our ASEAN neighbours.

I bought our tickets and parking pass through the telephone. So, armed with the fax confirmation, we drove off headed for Sepang on Sunday morning.

We were greeted by a massive jam at the KLIA turnoff all the way to the circuit.

“Wahlau… So many cars one?”

We crawled for many, many, maaaaaany mind numbing kilometres. Time trickled pass, agonisingly slowly.

“Hey, we’ve just been overtaken by a snail.”

We finally found out the reason for the gridlock as we approached the circuit. Every single traffic policeman in Malaysia has congregated at Sepang – intent on stopping all traffic, turning away cars without parking passes and giving misleading directions to those who had.

“Err tuan… My parking pass is inside Sepang wooorrr. I need to go inside to collect it.”

Mr Fierce Policeman shouts, “No pass. Cannot go in. Pigi itu drop off point.”

If I can’t drive in, how am I supposed to pick up my parking pass? Brilliant.

We turned away and stopped at the drop off point. Sean and I had to walk 2 kilometres in the blazing hot sun to the ticket counter. Uphill some more.

We finally got there and picked up our tickets and the parking pass. We then walked all the way back to the car.

I was drenched in sweat by then. And Sean couldn’t stop complaining.

“Ewww…. You’re wet, and sticky.”


Anyway, we got back to the car, and drove to the Camel Trophy car park – huge sharp rocks, steep inclines, deep ruts. Finishlah my new Michelin Energy tyres.

Seekarlui, Sean, AirAsia Girl and I got out excitedly from the car and hurried to the gates. When we got there, we were greeted by a rude ticket collector. He was basically shouting at us, “EACH ONE HOLD ONE TICKET!!!”

??!?? Err…. Okaaaayyy. I scared.

We passed the turnstiles and found a nice little spot near some trees and set ourselves up.

Exercise mat? Check.

Umbrellas? Check.

Smuggled water? Check. RM5 for a small bottle of mineral water? No thanks. RM15 for a can of Tiger? Wahlau. 0_o

Sean was extremely amused by the group of guys (apparently, they were Klang flers as they jabbered non-stop in Hokkien). They were complaining about the long wait for the race. Damn sien and tulan were words bandied around.



Anyway, on to the events prior to the race. When the Malaysian Prime Minister arrived at Sepang, the announcer requested that the crowd shout out ‘gemilang gemilang gemilang’ to greet him.

Why not Malaysia Boleh? You can do it! LOL.

We’re not in primary school leh, uncle. No shouting-shouting business for me, thank you very much. And as expected, silence. Not a single soul responded – all arms were crossed, lips pursed.

The national anthem garnered a more enthusiastic response though. Everyone stood up, and we sang our hearts out. Even Sean’s Klang flers.

Damn loud some more – Bahasa Malaysia with a Hokkien slang to it. What was even more amusing was the fact that they kept singing ramai bahagia instead of rahmat bahagia.

Ramai bahagia. Everybodeee happy. Oh yes, we are. Hehehe. Klang flers sure are funny.

The race was great. The cars sang to us as they passed by, changing tones and notes. We heard the crackling of the traction control, the shifting of the gears. We witnessed the sheer speed of those amazing engineering masterpieces.


We saw one car skid off the track. We witness a couple of cool overtaking maneuvers. We yelled, cheered and raised our fists.

Maclaren Mercedes spanked Ferrari’s ass that day.

And all too soon, without us even realising it, the race ended.

As the adrenaline subsided, I realized that my arms felt really raw and painful. I looked down…

Wah! Cooked medium rare already.

As we turned to leave, we turned our gazes on the field for one last time. What greeted us was this.


Rubbish. Loads of rubbish. Newpapers, plastic bottles, crap. Everywhere.

Most Malaysians are still trapped in their third world mentalities.

We will never be a truly developed nation, if our own fellow countrymen behave like uncivilized monkeys.


Seekarlui, Sean, AirAsia Girl and I trudged back to the car. Tired, exhausted but satisfied with the experience.

As we drove away for Sepang… It rained.


11 Responses

  1. service with a smile as always i see 😀

    hope you cleared your rubbish 😛

    anttyk: Naturally. We are conscientious people. 🙂

  2. Bloody hell!!! No need to announce the hangover lah. You awful person. Do you know I got laughed at by the little turds jaga-ing the toilet? The ordeal (plus the damn lychees) has made me a stronger person.

    On the other hand, we certainly disposed of our rubbish in the correct manner!

    Ps: The Klang fellas rocked

    anttyk: LOL. Somebody puked 3 times during the race. Or was it 4?

  3. Wait till Singapore announces its Night F1 race… Singapore Boleh…. bueh tahan singy… ppl have F1, they also want F1 and trying to be different.. night F1… Malaysia got or not… ???

  4. sean puke at the race? aiyeeee, how to bring to majlis like that?

  5. sic, i’ve to leave my mark, haven’t i? i’m classy like that. besides, race = carnival-type atmosphere…biasalah!

    i will behave at a majlis, promise! unless there is excess alcohol, then no promise.

  6. see lily, i told u he was a playa. we better start calling him ‘giga’ from now on.

    bring 3 chicks to F1 sepang, tiuuuuuuuu!


    anttyk: Your MNS outings got more chickas bro. :p

  7. What’s the use bring 3 perempuan when they all account for the adik-beradik, isteri dan kawan…

    anttyk: Good company mah… None of the guys wanted to go, the wusses.

  8. Oh btw anttyk,

    I was there!!!

    Brilliant game and atmosphere.

    7-1! 7-1! 7-1!…

    anttyk: Pffbbbrrrtttt!

  9. yalor 9, tak sharing and caring.

    anttyk: Eh?

  10. why owen never play last nite? thought he’s fit? *huggles*

    anttyk: Nothing to play for this season. I’d rather see him rest properly and build up his fitness. No point rushing things. He’ll up and about soon enough, and by then, I think you’d be really busy. You’d have to catch the Liverpool as well as the Newcastle games. Heh heh.

  11. good one newcastle! Quite right too.

    anttyk: Stupid English FA. I hope we sue their asses off. Arrghhh…

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