Old Wives’ Tale

Some uncle with unwashed jeans tagged me, so I am supposed to come up with an old wives’ tale.



I can’t think of one. *walks off and parks butt in front of the telly*

(110 minutes later)

Face damn black.

Stupid MU. Now we’re going to get that stupid 4 – 1, 4 – 1, 4 – 1 shit all week long. Stupid Watford, can’t even defend properly. Niamah.

Erm. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Old wives’ tales.

Here goes:

If you see your boss wearing green pants on a Monday morning, poke him in the ribs five times, burp out loud and you will have

… good luck for one week.

… and an angry and bewildered boss.


– – – – – 

I stumbled across this post. Just don’t ask me what I was searching for, okie? Apparently, there are people out there (besides Singaporeans) who still don’t know what condoms are used for.


9 Responses

  1. Condoms??? what is that? What do we do with condoms? heh…

    anttyk: LOL. Are you a Singaporean?

  2. anton makes water balloons with condoms.. kakaka

    anttyk: When? I can’t seem to recall this ever happening.

  3. lor… i thought you were talking about CONDOM-inuium 😀

    anttyk: :p

  4. I didn’t know antass makes water ballons with condoms… i thought he keeps water for drinking using condoms.. heh

    anttyk: I didn’t know that too… Mama made it up one.

  5. MAN UTD vs Malaysia XI on 27th July 2007. interested….we will get to see how ronaldo dribbles past the entire malaysian team..

    anttyk: Is Shebby playing?

  6. That game will be a 7-1 we won’t be taken aback by…

    anttyk: Chait. We’ll see. Malaysia boleh!

  7. one time, i dipped a strawberry condom in hot water and gave it to someone to drink. i’m mature like that. he he

    anttyk: Nice… Sic would like that, I suppose. 🙂

  8. Hmmmm….dipped condom and gave it to someone to drink… quite a good idea….. hmmmmm… 🙂

    anttyk: I’d be very careful should you offer me anything to drink Vince.

  9. Heh… u should be very extra careful with me..since i am in Kiasuland for almost 1 year d.

    anttyk: I am more dangerous than you will ever be.

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