Three decades old. At my age, you’d think breakouts are a thing of the past.

Wrong. I need more Oxy 10. Mahai.

Have a good weekend, guys!


19 Responses

  1. bloody hell…never seen a pimple so red.

    I will be rooting for you on Sunday, with or without my tweetie

    anttyk: Fingers crossed!!! Toes also.

  2. RED NOSE DAY!!!! All proceeds go towards anttyk’s Oxy 10.

    anttyk: Yes, please. Donations are certainly welcome.

  3. what the hell is that?!!? *pointing at the anttyk’s zit*

    no worries. kalau sudah hensem, mcm kita berdua, ada jerawat besar pun, tetap hensem juga.


    anttyk: Hehheh. Cheers bro. We are very is the hensem!

  4. At least not a mole, kan?

    anttyk: True also. :o)

  5. photoshop rocks! 😉

    anttyk: Haha. True.

  6. Bro, pls try Body Shop’s Tea Tree oil lar. Works for me most of the time..

    anttyk: Most of the time? Hehheh.

  7. I’m hitting the big 3-0 in December and I’m still battling adult acne as well .. sheesh… and I thought it’d all be over after leaving puberty behind!

    anttyk: Sigh… Me too… 😦

  8. Jenas is all grown up huh? not so cute anymore. hehe.

    anttyk: I never really liked him. But that shot was something else. Kesian the Gunners.

  9. dude, be a man.

    Squeeze It!

    anttyk: Sudah. But kena scolding kau-kau from the girlfriend.

  10. Anttyk with your nose so bright.
    Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?
    Then how the bloggers loved Anttyk.
    And they shouted out with Glee.
    Anttyk the red nose blogger.
    You’ll go down in history!

    anttyk: LOL.

  11. dude… be a man and cultivate some more zits 😛

    anttyk: I must be a manly man then. I’ve got lots already. :o)

  12. Thanks for the draw….don use OXY 10…not good…
    use J&J clean and clear


    anttyk: Don’t mention it. :p

  13. I can spare u my fingers…..its cheap and efficient.

    anttyk: Your short grubby little fingers? Ewww. No thanks.

  14. I think… it’s too late for remedy. Just wait for it to erupt until all the pus comes out. Hahahaha Don’t squeeze or pinch it! It’ll leave a scar.

    Dabido65 is damn funny lor.. haha

    anttyk: Pinch! Squeeze. Ouch.

  15. short grubby fingers are strong fingers.

    anttyk: Yuck. Grubby.

  16. hormone tak seimbang la.. need more sex 😛

    anttyk: Pffbbrrrttt! 😛

  17. maybe u r right.. lack of sex he is… Antass, come come to Singapore. I bring u to Geyllang.. and pay for u one session with Patung Patung Cina Mali… 🙂

    anttyk: I don’t like Puckku.

  18. this means u’r just about to hit puberty… bwahahaha…

    anttyk: Second round.

  19. malam jumaat tarak practise ka :p

    anttyk: Practice buat ape? Sudah expert. :p

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