You Know…

You know, life is a real mystery sometimes. Take this weblog for instance.

The template sucks. It changes all the time.

The author can’t write for shit. Reading his writing can be likened to walking barefoot over broken glass – grating and painful.

The author also has nothing interesting to tell. He leads a dull and uneventful life. To get around this, he types suggestive post titles to lure innocent, unsuspecting pr0n surfers. As to date, Man Boobies generates the most hits.

The only cool stories on this weblog originate from Sean when she divulges to him her dirty little secrets, like her Kopi Korek and Two Dollah stories.


The author sucks.

This weblog su… er… is not very nice.

I just can’t understand how this weblog managed to garner 40,243 hits.

Forty thousand hits. Where did all these people come from?

Huge mystery.



15 Responses

  1. wow..thats sound like quite a lot and terribly important.

    its no mystery to me though, because i keep c-licking at sean’s pictures.

    anttyk: LOL. Your forefinger must be really knackered by now. :p

  2. we must read before we condemn that ‘it sucks!’

    anttyk: Haha. My posts suck most of the time.

  3. Dei…fishing for compliments and reassurances issit?

    Don’t worry, however non eventful your life is, no matter what alien life form grows from your nose and and as much as you fantasise of shearer, we love you long long time, especially lily (hey that rhymes!)

    anttyk: No lah… It’s just me quietly celebrating 40,000 hits.

  4. does it count everytime i visit your site??? its starts everyday with, then, then, then your site…..

    anttyk: It does. 😀

  5. gloater.


    anttyk: Pffbbrrt! Heh heh heh.

  6. what?? you saying you pimple story was not interesting. midlife crisis eh?

    anttyk: I got lot’s more. Phlegm stories. Swallowing stories. Heheheh.

  7. Hmm, you make me sound like a hussy. Also, you’re wafting with faux modesty, but congrats on your many many hits. Nice work!

    sic may scare me a little but I do so like our little “banters”. A sucker of sorts. Choice words, eh? Hi, sic!

    anttyk: But you are a hussy. LOL.

  8. apa nie, masuk bakul angkat sendiri betul 😀

    anttyk: Sometimes, when there’s no one around to angkat your bakul, you’d have to do it on your own. Haha.

  9. OMG! Anttyk is sooo fit!

    I think i make up 40,000 of your hit 😀 (No loyalty programme ah? )

    anttyk: Yeah! *looks down at huge growing tummy and sighs*

    Got loyalty programme. But have to collect personally. 😀

  10. btw..why you never say hi back to gemma? you dinch notice issit?

    uncle anttyk: Hi Gemma!

  11. because you’re our favourite toon!

    anttyk: Haha. Cheers bro.

  12. *blush but still gropes sean*

    anttyk: 18SX.

  13. This new banner is the best ever…don’t change, if you want to get another 40k…

    anttyk: This picture depicts Jackie Milburn’s goal in the 1955 FA Cup final against Manchester City. We won 3 – 1.

  14. yup. definitely an improvement to you sniffing yerrow frowers.

    anttyk: I like yellow flowers. Gemma loves them too.

  15. hmmm… well, if you are thinking about ending this blog, then here’s something for you do to… Yes, sorry to tell you but you’ve been tagged…

    anttyk: Done.

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