I hate working during weekends.

I need a new job.

And some sleep. I like sleep.


6 Responses

  1. I like sleep too … 🙂

    anttyk: I know… 😉

  2. three lines? that’s it?

    anttyk: Too much work… It’s killing me. Eak!

  3. I think I’ll be working more weekends 😦

    anttyk: So kesian… It’s okay. The season’s over anyway.

  4. i hate work. somebody please give me a winning lottery ticket! more than £10 winnings please…. add another 5 more 0 at least! i’m not that greedy!

    anttyk: Me too. Me too.

  5. WINNER!!!!…i will not celebrate too much….more to come when the F.A. Cup starts…..waited 3 years for it….wooohoooooo

    anttyk: Congrats Mancunians. *very grudgingly*

  6. i wanna change job

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