You Keep Her Bed Warm

This entry has been removed.

Apparently, I can’t write whatever I want on my own blog.

This sucks.


19 Responses

  1. okay.. but i’m trying to figure out which one is you.


    anttyk: Sigh. I’ll tell you some day bro.

  2. cheh, i thought i’d read something juicy here 😦

    anttyk: This is not :p

  3. I know there is a bugger who is acting like that. He did actually kept her bed warm while waiting for her to breakup with her boyfriend. He also encourages her to do so… such bastard still existing in this world. Sigh… hope we all don’t stoop as low as this bugger..

    anttyk: Sigh. There are all sorts of people out there Vince. Some are nice, some are damn fucked up.

  4. eh..wot happened? got moral police meh?

    anttyk: You’re right Lils… I am so pissed right now I am thinking of shutting down this blog.

  5. wtf? don’t cave in to the pressure man…. keep up the faith

    anttyk: Sometimes, I feel that all this effort is simply not worth it. I see how I feel about things tomorrow morning.

  6. hey check this one out

    new numbering for EPL and new logo.. i think i will get this year’s fonts and number to keep so i can sell them 10 years from now.

    anttyk: You are obsessed with fonts and jerseys, darling.

  7. And newcastle was the first team to show the new fonts


    anttyk: The new fonts are nice. Newcastle’s brand of football is not.


    can you at least introduce me to sean in person first befoer you shut the blog?

    of course i love u too.

    anttyk: Can, of course can. I’ll do that before I tutup this kedai, promise.

  9. ei…i didn’t see the original entry..don’t know what the fuss is all about.

    anttyk, send the post to my email lah…

    anttyk: Okay, I have to go and lombong to see if I can find the draft.

  10. Donch go anttyk. Just take a break lor. Anyway, it’s your blog and you can write what you want. it’s not as if your readers are paying you for the privilege *huggles*

    anttyk: Hehehe. I feel better now, thanks Lils. 🙂

  11. Hey, din read the said blog ler. Send to me? Nyways, agree with Albert Dock that u can always write anything on ur own blog. Stay cool bro 😀

    anttyk: Okay. Thanks MY.

  12. anyway, i didnt read the post. hope you feel better this morning.

    anttyk: I do! 😀

  13. bro, b4 u decide anything just ask urself first; “what wud shearer do?”


    anttyk: Shearer would give the fler an elbow in the face, then smile innocently at him.

  14. Your Blog is my life, shut it, i will die… 😦

    anttyk: I didn’t know I was that important to you.

  15. this is not how the ‘last post’ is supposed to sound…

    anyway, this blog is by you and for you… why care about what people say and think? they don’t like, ask them to blog about it. 🙂

    anyway, i dun think you wrote anything ‘bad’… so really dunno what’s the fuss.

    anttyk: Sigh… I know.

  16. I arrived late to the party…what happened here? Why the hissy fit? I no get. Cryptic, ah? Don’t close this..what am I meant to do at work, then? I’d miss my flirt sessions with sic. And your thought-provoking posts, of course

    anttyk: Okaaaaaaaaay…

  17. yes u are important to me.. u r my “Father” figure..since u are older than me..less hair than me and definately fatter than me… hahahahahah

    Miss u dude…

    anttyk: Idiotttttt!

  18. Miss those morning hugs that u gave me…

    anttyk: Euuuwwww…

  19. Miss those wanton u wrap for me and stuff them into my pockets, mess up my cubicle… etc….

    anttyk: That’s not me.

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