Dudududdu doo doo

Great news.

Sean can happily resume her online affair with sic.

I can continue playing with my five funny scouse friends – Lils, nine inches, spiller, vince^, sic and nyx. 🙂

Lewis can continue talking about his obsession with jerseys in the comment box.

I have decided to continue torturing people with my silliness and nonsense. However, that will have to wait til after the weekend, as I have an exam tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Enjoy your Friday guys! :o)


10 Responses

  1. Yay! I’ve missed you anttyk 😀 Good luck tomowwow *huggles*

    anttyk: Thanks Lils.

  2. yay! good luck!

    ps: bro, u guys still play futsal at subang? got other location ah?

    anttyk: Thanks… Still playing in Subang on Tuesdays. 7 – 9 pm.

  3. Bro, all tha best to you man… me also having exam tooo…. on Wednesday..

    anttyk: CIA again? Haha. I escaped.

  4. Exams. you want to be a chartered something eh? Good luck!

    i want to examine sean hard hard so i can score too. heh

    anttyk: Hahaha.

  5. Good luck with the exam! My paper’s on Wed, so when it’s all over, we’ll go celebrate with a beverage or two, yeah?

    sic, I need a study partner…up for it? heh, actually, I cakap “besar” only. Oh man, I need a break

    anttyk: Thanks Sean.

  6. Oh lookie! An Update!

    He’s back!

    And went away very quickly too…

    anttyk: Now you see it, no you don’t.

  7. I am not considered a scouser friend?



    anttyk: Oops… My bad. 🙂

  8. can you play futsal somewwhere nearer ah? i can come and stalk 😀

    anttyk: Can. Where would you like us to play? Hehe. Having a stalker would be nice.

  9. update! 🙂

    anttyk: Done… :o)

  10. ahaha wanna play futsal with gals on sunday?

    and good luck for yer exam 😉

    anttyk: Thanks Lyn. 🙂

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