Cheetos and the EPL team

Mondays are depressing. Let’s lighten things up a bit.

A man goes to see the doctor and tells the doc that his dick has turned orange. The doctor looks at it and says, “I haven’t ever seen any thing like this before in my entire medical career. What do you do for a living? Do you work around any hazardous materials?”

The man says no. The doctor asks the man what he does all day. The man responds, “Nothing.”

The doctor is really puzzled now and says, “You can’t not do anything. What do you do at home all day?”

The man replies, “Honestly doc, I don’t do anything. I just sit around, watch porno flicks and eat Cheetos.”

= = =

Here’s my dream EPL team based on some obscure theme. I have to admit that it looks quite good on paper, a nice little 4-3-3. A bit unbalanced though, as the formation looks a little narrow. Some of the players are a little on the short side.

Manager: Arse and Wanker

Forwards: Dong Fangzhuo, Robbin van Pussie, Wang Looney

Midfield: Arjen the Tiuuuuu, Lee Dong-Gook, Nicky Butt

Defense: Ashley Hole, Daniel Shittu, Michael Balls, Sun Jihai

Goalie: Pepet Reina

Reserves: Hao Haidong, Andrew Johnson, Michael Johnson, Dailan Bent, Dick Kuyt, Paul Dickov


3 Responses

  1. Is that your ‘best’ dream team or ‘best names’ dream team.
    U forgot your michael ‘I played 2 games + 1 concussion’ oohwen

    anttyk: Pffbbrrtt!

  2. and in their break, they can either eat Telo Bungkus Rio or Shepherd Magpie :p

    anttyk: Nice…

  3. u do feel for nicky butt & paul dickov. u didn’t hv to ‘adjust’ their names to suit the theme. heh.

    anttyk: LOL.

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