Work is Good

Some of you may be wondering what has happened to me these days – all that drama, infrequent posts and updates.


As you can clearly see, I am fine. Really.


15 Responses

  1. herherherherhehr

    anttyk: !!?!!

  2. this is not your desk… your neigbour is missing.

    anttyk: He’s your neighbour too. :p

  3. something might just cheer u up
    newcastle has finally realised after 5 years to get rid of titus bramble. looks like big sam has got some bolton players on his mind to cover for newcastle. Tal Ben Haim? Abdoulaye Diagne-Faye?

    anttyk: Tikus Bramble is gone. Yay!

  4. who on earth buying titus? then again, someone bought traore

    anttyk: For free, he’d be good to have on the bench.

  5. Ah … if I was at work, this would be how I’d look like.
    Now, off for my morning nap … 🙂

    anttyk: Waaaaaahhhhh!

  6. i’m glad that u’re feeling ok… but your drawing SUCKS!

    anttyk: Pfffbbrrrttt! This is a piece of art. A masterpiece. When I am long gone, this drawing will be auctioned off at Christie’s for millions.

  7. Wei…where is the picture of Big Mouse? He is suppose to be sitting beside u… post something about Spidey or the Fab 4.. like Jessica u r sooo hot in those tight clothings and so forth lar….

    I think Antass, u look good in those spandex and also tight tight clothings.. can see nip nip..

    anttyk: Bro, you are scaring me…

  8. is that a typewriter on your desk? no…? errr…

    anyway, i think the drawing’s cute. just like Rukia’s drawing in Bleach.

    anttyk: Thanks. 🙂 It’s a phone and a pile of papers.

  9. Hmm, that picture makes your work space look as big as before, which is a blatant lie. But at least you drew your hair situation to be quite reflective of reality. Heeeeee

    anttyk: Cis…

  10. dei, from what i gather from sean-sean’s post, you have changed place? not so mini-v-i-p table with sprawling corridor and photcopy room view?

    also dei, whylah, lengus draining you issit? which client is it this time?

    anttyk: We moved… To the second floor. Lengus is a good boss. Clients are nasty all the time.

  11. i can only see the chair dropped on your crotch. 😛
    work? what work?

    anttyk: My clotch not so high la.

  12. Yahoo, its friday and we are having fire drill at 1500 hour… gonna walk 11 stories worth of stairs.. i pity those in 20th floor and above… anyway, 1455 will go down to the nearest starbucks and lepak.. then 1700 go register myself and off i go to queenstown to buy myself an Addidas bola.. planning to kick the ball around a jogging trail nearby my apartment. muahahah…. Its Friday… yahoo……. Have a good weekend.

    anttyk: You too…

  13. me likey your drawing. i see that i have big competition in the ‘dreawing stick man’ art world…

    anttyk: I like stick men. 🙂

  14. You guys will soon be playing like thugs :p

    anttyk: I hope not…

  15. Ur drawing is really funny.. Have a good weekend…

    anttyk: You too.

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