Soon. Soon. Very soon.

ONE more day!


Salvation is near! Freedom is almost within my grasp.

No more oppression, pollution, irritation.
No more disgusting smells, farts, burps.
No more leering beady eyes. No more heloooooooouuooooo?
No more eh hou mou herherherherherherherherrrrrrrrr.
No more policies and procedures.

The Big Rat’s last day is tomorrow.



7 Responses

  1. congrats!

    anttyk: Thank you. :p

  2. hahaha ….

    I know how you feel…
    It was a breath of fresh air when a certain someone in the office was transfered out..

    anttyk: I can’t wait… Hehehe.

  3. lol. i’m doing the opposite. i’m leaving my job and with it, the people i don’t like ha ha but part of me worry i’m doing a michael owen

    anttyk: All the best Lils!

  4. Hey, RATs also have their lovely side right? They help u to clean us the rubbish, keep the office peaceful by entertaining some ppl…anyway, Cheers to Peace in the Office at last.

    anttyk: Yay…

  5. yay for little goldfish!

    Little Goldfish: Yay for me…

  6. whoa……where r u going?

    anttyk: Nowhere. Still here.

  7. Wah… I like your template header…
    Next Season Owen go where?

    anttyk: Michael Owen will stay. You can have Owen Hargreaves. 🙂

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