Delicious by Ms. Read

Mall outlets selling both food and clothes are not new. Doesn’t mean that it’s not brilliant idea though.

Zang Toi started the ball rolling at his fly swatting chic outlet in Lot 10 ages ago. The idea whimpered, kicked out a little, shuddered a bit then died. Maybe the clothes sucked. Or maybe it’s the food. Or maybe, rich old aunties refuse to walk around in RM5,000 designer frocks smelling like greasy roast chickens.

Lot 10 is such a sad place these days. You can feel the gloom and depression weighing down on you as soon as you step in the mall. What happened to it? It used to be the most happening mall in KL. Now, it’s an alternative car park for futsal kaki’s (aka El Dee) headed for al-Ikhsan in Sungei Wang and BB Plaza. Parking is still frickin’ expensive though, at RM7.00 for two hours. Cis. Robbers. Clooks. Arrr…

Anyway, I digress. Back to this post’s main topic.

Ms. Read sells apparel for larger ladies. They have recently added munchies to their range of products. The restaurants, named Delicious are located in 1 Utama Phase 2 and Bangsar Village II.


The caesar’s salad is passable. The dressing is too sour, the croutons are too large, the flat-brown-thingy-i-dunno-whatsit is too hard and salty. Other than that, it’s all good.


The spicy crab meat linguini is fantastic though. I like crabs. I like eating crabs. I like watching people catch crabs. I like catching them too. :p


What I like most about the place is the decor. Wooden floor, low tables, cushions and warm, ambient lighting creates a comfortable and stress free dining envirnoment. Not too keen on the empty birdcages hanging near the entrance though. Maybe it’s my hyperactive imagination. Maybe it’s me. I think I can smell the bird poo when I walk past the cages.

I need help.

My overall thoughts on the place is that erm… the food is generally quite good. Generous portions. You won’t leave the place complaining that you’re still hungry.

Delicious, I am sure, will do way better than Zang Toi’s chicken rice designer store.

Must try stuff are the scones (Seekarlui swears by them), the lasagna and the frosty lemon tea. The hearty noodle soup should be avoided at all costs, if you value your lives. Run away! Run away….


Made with love? I don’t believe you. Prove it. 🙂


10 Responses

  1. one thing i miss about Malaysia is the food! the food court over here is just not the same… and the seafood is so mahal!

    anyway… if it’s ceasar’s salad, the flat-brown-thingy is supposed to be bacon

    anttyk: Doesn’t taste like bacon at all I think it’s beef if this is true then it’s not bacon cos there’s no such thing as beef bacon why do they call it beef bacon anyway if it’s beef call it beef la. 🙂

  2. did you try the chocolate cake?

    anttyk: Very rich and sinful.

  3. u should only park at Lot 10 during weekends = flat rate/day. i still like that place, mostly because of Crystal Jade restaurant, Dome and Isetan’s cheap sushi after 6pm. man, i still remember back in those years, when Lot 10’s Delifrance was so famous and Lot 10’s 4th floor was the only place for DKNY and Versace.

    anttyk: I remember those days too. Does this mean that we’re old? Sigh.

  4. who’s da VERY cute chick? 😉

    anttyk: Dunno leh. Never met her before. Tap toi one. Hahahaha.

  5. i miss malaysian food too…. sigh…!!!!!

    anttyk: Johor Bahru is just 15 minutes away, provided the causeway’s clear. Heh.

  6. delicious is a fave place for some of my friends (girls). thats why i only bungkus and not hangout there.

    anttyk: Oh?

  7. their warm chicken salad and duck spaghetti are to die for. their desserts are a bit too rich for my liking.

    anttyk: Lils! I’ll try it next time.

  8. i don’t know what bacon taste likelah… over here if i ask for ceasar’s salad i tell them to hold the bacon… but i agree, why call it beef bacon??!! mmmmmmmmmmm pastarami

    anttyk: Pastrami… Nice… Nasi lemak… Better… 🙂

  9. Causeway is always jam… and its dangerous.. i am afraid of being Rape..

    anttyk: Untung lah you… :p

  10. nyonya laksa is delicious!!

    anttyk: Really? I should try it.

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