Which Hero?

I took a Heroes Test. <– psst, click here.

Apparently, I am Noah Bennet.



I’m depressed now. No work will be done today.


14 Responses

  1. Don’t dis Bennet (I refuseee to call him Noah). At least you’re not the very useless Simone whatsherface. ARRRRRR

    anttyk: Hahahahaha. Call me Noah.

  2. ok la, u have a cute daughter mah

    anttyk: But I’ve got no superpowers! What kind of hero is that? Sigh…

  3. is it because you both have pimples?

    anttyk: I don’t have pimples. Nonononono… That’s not true…

  4. it means we can never trust anttyk until it is too late. and he is very deceptive. and wears ugly specs.

    anttyk: My specs are cool… 😀

  5. I can totally see you giving a cock stare like that…eh, have you bumped into siewks yet? Has he passed you the moolah?

    anttyk: No wor… He is a very busy man.

  6. Hey sean…watch it, guess who got her! sungguh “embracing”!!!

  7. oh why,,,, of all heroes!!

    anttyk: I know… I’m so depressed about it, I’m going to buy myself a big Shrek Happy Meal.

  8. anttyk was lucky. i kena with simone. that useless biatch….

    anttyk: Hahahaha. I want to be Frying Man!

  9. Hey no power one leh that Mr Bennet.. Btw, I kena Isaac Mendez.. but oredi dead wor.. sigh

    anttyk: But he’s the moody artsy type. You like leh? 😉

  10. Your Score: Isaac Mendez

    looks banyak lengchai

    anttyk: Just like Tommy!

  11. so does this mean you’re the ‘bapa penyayang’ type then.

    thats a bonus for all the chicas out there. :p

    anttyk: Papa, saya punya papa jahat. Saya punya papa nakal sangat… Tungtungtungtung.

  12. i’m mohinder suresh. wtf?

    anttyk: At least Mohinder is smart.

  13. jeevs, sungguh “embracing”? Huh? And who got who? Simone? Useless cow. Although, she did get to be with both Isaac and Peter….

  14. […] took the Heroes test via link from Young Kojak. Chuh, I’m Matt Parkman! I would have much prefer to be Claire Bennet or Hiro. I reckon I’ll […]

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