The White Package

It was a dark and gloomy night. The rain fell incessantly, an ill chill settled on me. A gush of wind blew, making me shiver.

I approached the dilapidated store cautiously. The store’s sign had rusted and the wordings eroded through years of exposure to the elements. The sidewalk was filled with refuse. Skeletal black rats roamed about, looking furtively for food.

I took a deep breath and steadied myself. And entered.

The jangle of the bell on the door made me jump.

A single neon light on the wall flickered, casting the room with an eerie contrast of light and shadows. I scanned the room around anxiously, looking for any amiss. Huge dusty towers of old magazines and newspapers greeted me, daring me to come closer.

I walked cautiously to the ancient desk at the back of the room. Behind it sat an ancient Indian woman. She peered at me behind her thick lenses.

“Yes?” Her voice was heavily accented.

“Do you have it?” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

I watched as she reached down and opened the bottom drawer. The Indian woman took out a white package and placed it on the table. She pushed it towards me.

I hurriedly grabbed the package and stuffed it in my bag. I paid and fled the place.

Only upon reaching my home did I feel safe. My hands trembled and shook as I took out the package from my bag.

I tore open the white wrapping paper.


FHM. UK edition.

All mine. Precious.


Happy Anniversary


Seekarlui and I have been seeing each other for five happy years.

Happy anniversary dear.


Everything’s grey these days. Grey skies. Grey roads. Even my house. Grey grey grey.





Two Weeks Later

It’s all coming along nicely. 🙂

15 Things I’d Want To Do Before I Die

These couple of days, I have been thinking about my own mortality. Don’t ask me why. I don’t even know why I think about these things. Life is short, and passes in the blink of an eye. Thus, we need to make the best of the time granted to us. So when a fellow geordie, Yati tagged me a couple of days ago, I remember thinking, “Ah, she read my mind.” 

So, here’s my list. Don’t you dare fall asleep.

  1. Watch a football match at St James’ Park. Toon toon toon toon
  2. Own my very own vineyard. Grow my very own grapes, trample on them with my own bare feet and drink the fermented juice. Hopefully, with no ill side effects.
  3. Open my very own bookshop, filled with the kind of books I would like to read. This way, even if I have no customers, I could spend days just quietly reading. 
  4. Play one Rachmaninoff piece on the piano flawlessly. 
  5. Start my very own foundation. One that focuses on providing scholarships for less privileged children. 
  6. Backpack and visit every single European nation. Highest on my wish list is Spain. 
  7. Take part in the La Tomatina festival in Bunyol. 
  8. Write a book. 
  9. Go to space. No, not that space between your ears silly. 
  10. Learn to dance properly. Right now, my repertoire of dance moves include Mr Bean’s flappy chicken move, the robot and the macarena.
  11. Take care of my mom and dad, provide for all their needs. 
  12. Get a golden retriever puppy. 
  13. Spend a year living in the Maldives with absolutely no contact with the outside world.
  14. Drink myself silly at the Oktoberfest in Munich.
  15. Meet Alan Shearer.

Oik, wake up. *pikpiakpikpiakpik*


In times of trouble and strife, human beings tend to cling to objects that they believe will lead them to safety and salvation. For instance, a shipwrecked sailor will hang desperately to his life preserver. A lost tourist in Klang will be clutching his map, eyes wide with fear. Maybe he’s just terrified of the huge rats roaming the thrash-strewn streets there.

On with my story.

One fine day, Sean (pronounced SEE-Ann) was walking along happily, clutching a bag of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies.

The sun was shining, the sky a deep sapphire hue. Birds were chirping merrily in the lush green trees nearby.

Tra la la la laa… Skip, skip, skip a bit. Boing boing boing.

Sean was intoxicated with life’s beauty, the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the air. She did not notice a drain intersecting her path.

Fa la la la la la laa… Skip, skip a bit more. La la la la la. Skip, ski…

Opps. Woah, woah, woah woah…


Geeeeeebbuuppp! Ow. 

As the dust settled (lucky for her, it was dry), we found Sean sitting in the drain. A little dazed. And dusty.

In her hand, the bag of Famous Amos cookies. Held tightly. Death grip some more.




Will take two months to complete. 😉