Weekend Blues

No football.




No Formula One.




What am I to do with myself during the looooooooong weekends?


Maybe I should take up a hobby or something.

Work? Nah… Too much of that already. Besides, the stress is getting to me already. I have started hearing voices in my head… Arrghh, shut up all of you. I’m trying to think. Mutter, mutter.

What to do? What to do?

I know! I’ll go shopping in One Utama.


LOL. Maybe not.

Try to enjoy your weekend guys! 🙂


6 Responses

  1. go pak tor lah.

    or better still, read my blog from day 1

    anttyk: Pak tor? What’s that? Heheh.

  2. haha..funny photo. me bored on weekends too these days.

    if only ’someone’ would take me BKT in Klang.

    anttyk: BKT? Mmmmm… Nice.

  3. is that a picture of you?!! so menawan i tertawan! i’m looking forward to doing nothing this weekend… but when i say nothing, there’s the laundry, ironing, cleaning, food shopping and the list goes on… hobby? i don’t have time for hobbies!

    anttyk: So kesian. You sound really busy. How do you relax?

  4. tell me about it. I am like a wandering ghost.. even jersey shopping is a hard hobby to pick up.

    anttyk: LOL. You need a cheaper hobby.

  5. My Sat consisted of a brilliant Star Wars marathon. Sunday was filled with intentions to be more productive. Sometimes, intentions are good enough.

    ps: speaking of BKT, what happened to that? I remember talk of that…

    anttyk: I watched it too. Saturday was spent ‘almost’ going to the gym and playing futsal with the monkey. Sunday was spent watching Shrek 3 and sleeping.

    BKT next week? Sic, wanna join us?

  6. Watch Movie… LOTR marathon, Pirates marathon, Shrek marathon, Spidey marathon…that should keep u busy.

    anttyk: Couch potato.

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