Will take two months to complete. 😉


21 Responses

  1. home sweet home heheheehe..envy on u, bro!

    anttyk: When’s your house ready bro?

  2. yeay…. when its ready, can i come over to trash your place since i am selling my condo d… will be homeless real soon.. so, each time i come back to Kayelle, then i will need a place to bunk in… can i??? pretty please….??!!

    anttyk: Can, of course can. I am in need of a part-time maid. :p

  3. my low cost hse in ijok not ready yet!!!!!!

    anttyk: LOL. Townhouse in Cheras, you mean.

  4. WAH …. what are your plans with the house?

    anttyk: Extend the kitchen all the way to the back, cement and tile front lawn, grilles, plaster ceiling and other simple, minor stuff. 🙂

  5. Can’t wait for your house warming party bro… lots of beers and barbeque.. weeeeeee

    anttyk: I’m quite excited about it too. 😀

  6. cool.. will there be a mini futsal court?

    eh jangan lupa jempur house warming ya?

    anttyk: I won’t forget. 🙂

  7. waaah… talking about houses eh? i send you invite for something

    ehem… i didn’t realise you’re a PI in your spare time

    anttyk: Ooohh… I wonder what it is. Can’t access gmail in office. Have to go home and check.

  8. plan to get another next to pudu jail kakaka

    anttyk: *pengsan*

  9. plan to get another one next to pudu jail :p

  10. Thanks no worries… i’ll make sure the floor be sparkling clean..and i will help u to clean your fridge’s content as well…. kekeke….

    anttyk: Dunno whether got fridge or not leh… Budget tak cukup. Hahahahaha.

  11. whoa anttyk…wot you need big kitchen for? you can cook meh? I’ll come to your housewarming 😀

    anttyk: I’d be honoured Lils.

  12. wah… big time renovation ka?!? 🙂

    anttyk: No lah. Revo a bit only.

  13. another template change? you seriously need help :p

    anttyk: Yes I do, Lils. Helpch me!

  14. are you building a swimming pool?! i see a hole in the garden!

    anttyk: How I wish… Unfortunately, my garden is not big enough for a swimming pool. 🙂

  15. sorry… lupa hantar the invite… i go hantar now 😀

    anttyk: Potong stim betul. 😀

  16. okokok… i sponsor u a fridge… a mini one should be sufficient right? or u want those with 2 doors type? then i will have to start saving $$$ for those fridge… muahahaha

    anttyk: Huge two door fridge with LCD panel in front. Can?

  17. i sponsor a pail so that sean can throw up in it at your house warming.

    anttyk: I have not seen Sean puke. Yet.

  18. did you get the invite? by the way… you’ve been tagged 😛

    anttyk: I’ll check tonight… 🙂

  19. so it’s a jacuzzi then? don’t need such a big space!

    anttyk: Outdoor jacuzzi? In Malaysia?

  20. Bankrupt lar like tht… i can only buy u a barbie fridge..

    anttyk: Haha. No need la bro.

  21. I am the queen of discretion when it comes to (perhaps) throwing up. But when it comes down to that, I don’t need a pail. Very easy to please so anywhere will do. Classy, no?

    anttyk: Girls from Klang… Sigh. *shakes head*

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