Two Weeks Later

It’s all coming along nicely. 🙂


21 Responses

  1. Wah the progress is pretty fast huh..

    anttyk: Quite fast. Me happy…

  2. hmm.. magnum almond!

    huh? house? what house?

    anttyk: Magnum Almond. Mmmm…

  3. oooOoooOOOooo..i see magnum almond…you better put that back in the fridge!

    anttyk: Too late. It’s been turned into some brown stuff this morning. :p

  4. Where’s this area ah?

    anttyk: Setia Alam. 🙂

  5. where the fish is setia alam?

    anttyk: It’s in Shah Alam, quite near the Klang border.

  6. why didnt take picture of us…..

    anttyk: Took a few pics, you look constipated in some of them… Heheheh.

  7. nice… ! 😀

    anttyk: 🙂

  8. lookin forward to your hse warming

    anttyk: Me too.

  9. House warming wait for me… me too want to come…. we make slumber party and also booze party…. yeah….

    anttyk: Slumber party? So old already. Drunken debaucheries can?

  10. hv housewrming party with EPL theme. everyone comes in their team’s togs and act like as much as a hoolie as possible. :p

    anttyk: Everyone must wear the Toon kit. That’s the dress code. :p

  11. good idea. I’ll come as Michael Owen 😀

    anttyk: Sure boh?

  12. Me will come in my Arsenal shirt.. yeah.. 🙂

    anttyk: Dress code is Toon kit. No Fabregas. He’s too young for you. Hehehehe. :p

  13. wot does ‘sure boh’ mean? are you pressured to invite us now? he he

    anttyk: I’d be honoured if you guys came.

  14. Oi!

    Don’t forget to send invitation to me too. Hopefully, I’ll have a new car by then…

    Being car-less sucks to the max. 😦

    anttyk: I know the feeling, bro.

  15. i’ll come as sean’s underwear.

    anttyk: I’d like to see that!

  16. What the….??? Innocent bystander here lah! Perverts

    anttyk: Hehehehehe.

  17. I’ll come in Superman’s underwear.

    anttyk: Yuck…

  18. I’ll come in my grandma panties 😀

    anttyk: Bridget Jones’ brown ones?

  19. i almost bought a place in setia alam… heh..

    anttyk: What made you change your mind?

  20. dah siap belum?

    anttyk: One more month to go… 🙂

  21. tak cukup budget lah.. unfortunately..

    anttyk: Yah… Have to sell butt in Chow Kit.

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