Everything’s grey these days. Grey skies. Grey roads. Even my house. Grey grey grey.






7 Responses

  1. looks like a war zone.. like a set for blackhawk down or something..

  2. Why is your concrete so grey?

  3. desparil,

    It is a warzone. One more month to go…


    The concrete is still a little wet, I think.

  4. i’m imagining you sleeping there and making your maggi mee in a small periuk on top of a little bonfire… sedih… sedih…

    what colour of the rainbow are the walls going to be once they’ve dried? 😀

  5. u like Grey’s Anatomy? me too! 😛

  6. yati,

    Haha. Me too. One small pot of baked beans simmering nearby. I’m huddling in a dirty, crumpled tent.


    Don’t like Grey’s Anatomy. Scrubs and House much better. 🙂

  7. Let’s play Counterstike Live before the paints are up.. u be the terrorist and i CT… storm your unit with watercolour filled water ballons…

    Get Pipi and other to join.. that will be fun…better than paintball

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