The White Package

It was a dark and gloomy night. The rain fell incessantly, an ill chill settled on me. A gush of wind blew, making me shiver.

I approached the dilapidated store cautiously. The store’s sign had rusted and the wordings eroded through years of exposure to the elements. The sidewalk was filled with refuse. Skeletal black rats roamed about, looking furtively for food.

I took a deep breath and steadied myself. And entered.

The jangle of the bell on the door made me jump.

A single neon light on the wall flickered, casting the room with an eerie contrast of light and shadows. I scanned the room around anxiously, looking for any amiss. Huge dusty towers of old magazines and newspapers greeted me, daring me to come closer.

I walked cautiously to the ancient desk at the back of the room. Behind it sat an ancient Indian woman. She peered at me behind her thick lenses.

“Yes?” Her voice was heavily accented.

“Do you have it?” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

I watched as she reached down and opened the bottom drawer. The Indian woman took out a white package and placed it on the table. She pushed it towards me.

I hurriedly grabbed the package and stuffed it in my bag. I paid and fled the place.

Only upon reaching my home did I feel safe. My hands trembled and shook as I took out the package from my bag.

I tore open the white wrapping paper.


FHM. UK edition.

All mine. Precious.


18 Responses

  1. whatlah??!!! thought you bought ‘dirty’ pirate DVD that sicko starred in on his secret visit to Germany. and you were planning to blackmail him or put it up on youtube. buat penat baca je :-p

  2. Dude,

    This ancient indian is putting people like me and siewks out of business.

    How to be sole FHM UK supplier anymore? Alah, kena cari customer baru…

    I can get you The Summer Special, mau? (p/s I’ll thrown in a Maxim for old time’s sake)

    Seriously, I kena get you something for the Malaysian Jersey…

  3. yati,

    Sicko has lots and lots of DVDs out already. Can easily get from my regular DVD uncle. 😀


    LOL. It’s okay bro. We go yumcha when you are in town, k?

  4. Horny OLD MAN!!! Singapore FHM special edition and Australia FHM Special Gold Edition mau??

  5. FHM UK not that good lah.

    p.s. Can we exchange copies? I have an April 2005 edition.

  6. haiyo … just for FHM! 😛

  7. Aiyo, what a guy will do for a copy of FHM.. I read it before… the jokes are pretty good though 🙂

  8. vinass,



    I’ll pass it to you when I’m done with it.


    FHM is required reading for any hot blooded male. 😉

    Flick cHick,

    The articles are well written too… 😉

  9. Hello hansap :p

  10. where are the place?
    can share ar??
    maybe i should just buy that for my hubby bday.

    tee hee

  11. Lily,

    Hello pot. :p


    You can get it from most newsagents. Just ask the nice Indian lady.

  12. there’s one mag shop in sungei wang, situated at the same floor where all the dvds used to be.

    they stock pretty good copies of FHM & Maxim at decent prices too.

  13. huh wot? my tapes with sean not released yet. we’re still writing the script. :p

  14. hey, i still got those Gold Edition from Philippines.. we can exchange…

  15. 9,

    I thought you only read National Geographic?


    Writing the script or doing the rehearsals?



  16. yipee…

  17. Filipina mana ada chalen dgn pompuan olang uteh?

  18. vinass,



    Eh, some Philipino chickas I have met are damn hot leh.

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