Sean is an entertaining character. The things she says sometimes, the way she says things… Sigh.

One day, she was telling us about a tasty chicken dish that’s sold in a restaurant far far far away in Balakong.

Balakong? Wah, damn sangkala man that place.

Apparently, the dish comprises chicken that is wrapped with some strange paper, which is fried in a huge vat of hot oil.

And she calls it cheebai kai.


Cheebai kai.


PS: Sean’s in Kota Kinabalu this week. This means that she’s not in office and will not be able to torture me. Phew!


15 Responses

  1. she didn’t really say that now did she?

    but no need to go until balakong for that kut… seri kembangan also ada…

  2. SEAN…!!! I’m beginning to love u more and more…Gosh you are hot!


  3. how on earth did she end up in balakong, of all places?

    sicko! stop driving girls to dark and isolated places.


  4. doreen,

    She really did say that. Sean’s Cantonese is really bad.


    Errr…. You’re old. And icky.


    Sickos kinda missing these few days.

  5. doreen, I may have accidentally called it once..or twice..or more. These days I just point.

    vinass, beginning???? What lah you…

    anttyk, my Cantonese is bad? That’s news to me. Stop telling my stories! Shy lah. I sound like a twit.

  6. wots kai? chicken? so in english it would be cheebye cock?

  7. Sean,



    Cocks don’t have CBs. :p

  8. Sean, ehehehe… so, when can we meet up for a drink or two?

  9. Was she referring to beggar’s chicken by any chance?

    Sean-sean, next time I come down, you belanja me ok…I promise this time no MAS air stewards, although you did make an impact on him…

  10. jeevs, which is beggar’s chicken? Is it wrapped in paper? When’re you coming down? Instead of drinks by the Thames, we go mamak, yeah? Hahahha MAS air steward, hahahhaa. Let’s not tell anttyk more stories

  11. What about the MAS Air Steward? What’s this about not telling me more stories?


  12. Sean,

    It’s chicken wrapped in silver foil and then cooked in some manner (not frying, i presume, considering the silver foil). Very Kicap-py


    Remember “Kehidupan Terlampau Seorang Pramugara”? Let’s just say Sean was privy to a ‘Meet the Stars’ session…with possibilities of future projects in the air…

  13. jeevs,

    I think it’s ‘Kisah Pramugara Yang Terlampau’. Is Sean planning to be a pramugari? Hmmm. :p

  14. shlb b chee pao kai not cheepai kai :p

  15. It’s “Ji bao kai” and it tastes very good for the first time but you’ll get sick with it soon enough~

    It’s a delicacy for UPM-ers le~

    Should try:)

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