Ticket Stubs

I have my moments, sometimes. Instances when my actions and utterances inspire awe and amazement from those around me. Moments when the fate of the universe changed for the better as a result of my actions. Trumpets blaring. Angels singing. Spotlights beaming. Brilliant fireworks light up the sky.

*boom boom keboom crackcrackcrack*

Thursday night two weeks ago definitely wasn’t one of these moments.


El Dee, Eh Lee, El Dee’s little brother and I went to watch this really strange, obscure movie that no one has ever heard of. Apparently, it’s about some robots from space. I couldn’t be bothered, unlike some people. :p

Back to my story.

We shuffled through the gates dejectedly as the movie was about to start.

Two hours of torture and suffering. I passed the tickets to the ticket-stub-tear-off-man. He took the tickets, stared at us for a while and proceeded to tear the tickets in half.

I took the stubs back. I was a little distracted that evening, as I had a lot of work pending. C. Lengus was going to kill me the next morning. I folded the stubs into little squares and started tossing them in the air absent-mindedly.

Cinema going ritual dictates that prior to entering a big screen cinema, one must visit the Loo Goddess to make a deposit. Failure to make this visit will result in discomfort and pressure throughout the duration of the movie.

Which we did.

As were standing near the entrance of the loo, waiting for Eh Lee, I suddenly realised that I had forgotten where we were supposed to be seated. I reached into my pockets for the ticket stubs.

Hmm, strange.

They’re not here. Left pocket? Nope. Right? Nope. Back pocket? Nope. Shirt pocket? Nope as well.

Tried all pockets again frantically.

Ohsheet ohsheet ohsheet.

Dread overcame me. I recalled chucking something into the trash can as I entered the men’s loo moments ago.

OhmyGod no…

I ran helter-skelter to the trash can and peered into it. It was filled with wet soggy tissue paper and some unidentified yellowish gooey stuff.

Desperation is a great motivator, and I found myself rummaging through the trash. Dig dig dig dig dig.

Oh sheet oh sheet where is it? It’s not here.

People were staring at me, but I didn’t care. I spent 5 minutes sifting through that disgusting shit can.

Finally, I gave up. The ticket stubs are not there. I washed my hands and slunk back to El Dee, Eh Lee and El Dee’s little brother. They were pissing themselves laughing.

It’s not funny.

I didn’t know what to do, I took my phone out from my pockets.

Sometimes, I feel like slapping myself.

To my utter amazement, I found the ticket stubs. Stuck to the back of my phone. In my pocket. Mocking me.



12 Responses

  1. to return you kick…. slap slap slap slap slap… and one more slap! 😀


    That’ll teach you to mock them robots. haha

  3. yati,



    I loved Transformers. I just didn’t want my enthusiasm to be that obvious. :p

  4. see, u shud have borrowd eyeris’ optimus helmet. they will let u in for free, i hear.

  5. aiyoo… almost killed yourself when you had them all along.

    hmm … sounds like something I would do…

  6. 9,

    Maybe I should have.


    El Dee said it’s got something to do with age and senility… Waaaaahhhhh!

  7. hahahahahahahahahaha tau pun tua 😛


    Mari kita gelakkan anttyk!


  9. The sounds coming from my mouth?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…You are such a joker man!

    You’re forgiven, anyways…cos it’s one of ‘those’ days..and most of us have it too 😉

  10. eh… sometimes i’m also like that. lucky got my wife to help me look for mis-placed stuff…

    like one time, i could not find my specs… searched high and low also cannot find… feeling dejected, i slapped myself on the forehead and felt immediate pain… i was wearing them… vision was still blur (when I was looking for specs) coz i din wash my specs…

    the thing is… i think this happens when we’re not that young anymore…

  11. yati,





    Happens to you to?


    LOL. Your story’s better than mine!

  12. And you said puking into the sea was gross… 😛

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