Tell Me Why

Sometimes, the things that go on in this country really saddens me. It’s getting really hard to not imagine that things are really going pear shaped.

KAMPUNG JIAS, Malaysia (Reuters) – Deep in the heart of a Malaysian jungle, a preacher holds a meeting under the scorching midday sun, urging followers not to lose faith after their church was demolished by the government.

The razing of their simple brick church, among a spate of demolitions of non-Muslim places of worship in Malaysia, has heightened fears that the rights of minority faiths are being eroded despite provisions in Malaysian law guaranteeing every person the freedom to profess his own religion.

Read the rest of the story here.

These people are already so poor, so impoverished. They are not causing harm to others. They just want to have a place where they can worship God.

I just want to ask the dumb bastards authorities one question. 

Why? What do you stand to gain in doing all this stupid fucking nonsense?



15 Responses

  1. i can only shake my head in disgust…

  2. This is bad… really bad…

  3. Let’s not vote for BN this coming election….Let’s vote for keadilan or pas instead.

  4. vinass:
    it was PAS who tore down that church.

  5. Oh shit!… Me bad… didn’t read the article this morning…

    Anyway, let’s vote for Rocket… not BN, not MCA, not PAS and so forth…

  6. this is very sad

  7. yati, vinass, 9 and nyx,

    This is something that should not be happening in this day and age, especially in a fragile country like ours.


  8. of course it shouldn’t have happened. neither should the case of Lina Joy go to court which ended up with her having to flee the country happen. neither should revathi got sent to a rehabilitation centre for 6 months and force to eat beef and losing her husband and her husband losing their child as she was taken away and cared by her grandparents now happen. but they do happen… all over the world. it’s a sad state of affair.

    between war and peace, peace is harder to maintain and understand. with war, you have an enemy. there’s us and there is them. once we shake hands, who is us and who is them? it’s the good vs evil mentality with both sides thinking they are the good and the other one is the evil.

    when somebody take the moderate stance they are reprimanded for compromising their belief, culture, teaching, bla bla bla…

    i’m a proud ‘melayu’ and i will always be ‘melayu’ but i don’t see the malay culture anymore. all i see is a group of race who are convinced that religion is culture. the day that the traditional mak yung, wayang kulit, kuda kepang was banned and replaced by totally different versions was a sad day for me… if i’m not mistaken, that happened in the 80’s

    hmmm… what a long comment. sorry. i would have put it on my own blog but it’s down (again) at the moment 😦

  9. oh… and guess what my daily calendar said today?
    ‘Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself’. Good advice, no?

  10. the sh*ttiest part is that we can’t do sh*t about it?

  11. This is tantamount to racism via religioun. Pricks.

  12. Well, Yati and all

    Put it this way, there is no one religion in this world that is bad (except for those cults). The is no religion in this world that teaches bad things.. its the human… how they interpret and how extreme they are… For example… the elders in my church calles me a sinner for drinking wine.. What the hell?? the bible only says don’t get drunk, it didn’t say don’t drink…
    See what i mean??

  13. those twats who are supposedly updholding Islam and its values in this country are bloody useless and not doing their jobs properly.

    enuff said.

  14. The villagers really is strong at heart. Seeing their church been torn down and all. Despite that, their faith still remains strong with or without a simple church.

  15. Hi Anttyk, I’m looking a post to comment on…finally found it…yep, this is a tragedy and all we can do I pray that this would never happen again…

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