Finally Took Matters Into My Own Hands

I got really fed up today.

Every single time something important comes up, I have to do this. I have to plead, sometimes grovel on my knees. And still I may not get what I need.

Whenever something urgent pops up, I have to beg every single person in my department. Helpch me helpch me. To no avail.

I finally took matters into my own hands. Beh tahan.

I can’t get the things I need to do the things I need to do so that the firm can get me the things I need. Sigh. My working environment is like the Ethiopia of the stationery world, there’s flies all over the place and my colleagues wander aimlessly with vacant looks in their eyes whilst lugging huge bloated bellies. Kidding. But seriously though, there’s a constant supply shortage and it gets a little irritating sometimes.

So, today…

I went out and bought myself a pair of scissors and a roll of cellophane tape.

I am so getting an Exceeds Expectations rating for Initiative during my annual performance review.


20 Responses

  1. Was gonna say what happened to the stationery at the photostating room, then realised you guys aren’t on that floor no more…

    If it makes you feel any better, out here, where things are meant to be canggih manggih, stylo mylo and effectively efficient, staplers and hole punchers are like good malaysian footballers……hard to come by…it’s pretty much every man for himself – finders keepers.

  2. Go curi from other ppl lar…

  3. you better keep the scissors and cellophane tape locked in your drawer in case someone decide to curi 😉 and then accusation will fly and then people will cry… waaah… like drama minggu ini! sorry, i sambung the cerita in my head!

  4. you should list those items down when your appraisal is due. i’m sure they are worth it 😉

  5. Tabik! Now we know who to harass

    I give them about 2 weeks before they go MIA

  6. jeevs,

    Wah… UK also liddat meh?


    Stealing is a sin. 😉


    I am quite sure that will happen somewhere in the near future. Will keep you posted.


    Haha. I’ll try.


    Go buy your own supplies.

  7. hahaha … I think I know which company you’re working for …:P

  8. Good for you, anttyk! So damn proud of you man! Psst…in case ppl start claiming your scissors and cellophane tape, you should label them with your name. That’s what happens in most offices anyways…hehehehehehe

  9. nyx,

    Ooooo. Don’t tell other people ah. Sekwet.


    Ahhahaha, just like in school lasttimesmall.

  10. one time, i got so fed up with ppl nicking my stapler, i tied it to my table like wot the mamak does with lighters. the next day, only the string is left. it’s a futile effort.

  11. there should be lanyards for those things.

  12. Who cares about Sinning… We are all living in the land of Sinners… Malaysia Boleh mah…

  13. ha ha ha ha ha

    mahal sangat ke stationery dekat Malaysia asyik kena curi je?

  14. gemma momma,

    At least the fella left you the string. If it’s my office, string pun kena ambik.


    Lanyards pun hilang.


    Just because your neighbour eats shit everyday doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing.


    It’s not that stationery is expensive. It’s our miserable pay packets. 😦

  15. Vinass,

    You live in the land of Sinners…we don’t…


    What gave the organisation away?

  16. jeevs, it was my goddess powers that be. 🙂

  17. Well Antass,

    what happen to the saying

    “Do what the Roman does when u are in Rome”…


  18. so… anttyk… your stapler and cellophane tape still there? dah kena curi belum?

  19. tell me where u work so i can drop by and steal them. heh.

  20. Vinass,

    Don’t give in to the pressure.


    Still here with me. I’m hiding it in my drawers. :p


    Pfffbbrrrttt! My scissors, my precious.

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