Home Renovation – Update


There’s some progress. Completion will be delayed till end August 2007.



18 Responses

  1. waaaah!!! no wonderlah you’ve been so quiet!

  2. how come delay…?

  3. yati,

    Been busy the whole of last week. Training. No access to internet. 😦


    Trying to find a good person to do the tiles. Not easy.

  4. Banyak built ins nampaknya…

    Dude, i can TOTALLY EMPATHISE with your predicament. I’m living in a house that should have finished ALL renovation by December last year. Maklumlah Malaysian contractor, even over here their standards don’t change.

  5. looking good!

  6. Can’t wait for the house warming! 🙂

  7. aiyo… next time just call me. i tile for you. but you have to pay for my plane ticket and makan *grin*

  8. jeevs,

    LOL. It’s a global thing then.


    It is… 😀

    Flick cHick,

    Me too.


    Okie. I’ll hold you to that.

  9. so, when’s the big day to move in? Need help?

  10. blusher,

    Not sure yet… But it should be alright as I only have one room of stuff to move, most of it’s junk anyway. Thanks for the offer! 🙂

  11. if only malaysia has its own In A Fix crew… eh?

  12. set! return ticket and duit makan… i can sleep at the house. mind you… i kuat makan tau! that’s why my badan so sihat 🙂

  13. yati, we only import workers from indon and bangla lah. johor kita tak main. LOL

  14. House warming..house warming…

  15. oi sicko… bukan return ticket from JBlah oi! ni kerja kontrak dari Londonlah! main tak main orang tak kisah. anttyk cakap dia ambik juga 😛

  16. huh? u mean u buy tiles on your own…? hmmm… i thought get contractor to do everything better?

    anyway, i thought it would be easier than jigsaw puzzle, no? heh heh…

  17. I spent the most on tiles too when i renovated my place. Good luck!

  18. desparil,

    How I wish…


    House has no furniture yet. Mind sleeping on the floor? I’ll provide the newspapers. Hehheh.


    Imported slave from UK. Siapa tak mahu?

    Kay Kastum,

    Soon. Soon. I hope.

    yati again,

    Sure. Saya ambik.


    Contractor is doing it. But apparently, the contractor only has one guy who specialises in tiles.


    Thanks… 🙂

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