There was a mama mole, a papa mole, and a baby mole. They lived in a hole outside of a farm house out in the country.

The papa mole reached his head out of the hole and said, “Mmmmm, I smell sausage.”

The mama mole reached her head outside of the hole and said “Mmmmmm, I smell pancakes.”

The baby mole tried to reach his head outside the hole but couldn’t because of the two bigger moles. The baby mole said, “The only thing I can smell is molasses.”


23 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! Most funny!

  2. hey man,

    Congrats, it’s ’bout time…

  3. LOL!!! A delightful entry for a Monday *winks*

  4. Hui Min,



    Thanks bro. How did you find out?


    *winks back* 🙂


    good one!

    hey, what’s with the congrats congrats? getting married ah?

  6. nyx,

    No lah… Promotion.

  7. Anttyk,

    I’m naturally a busybody, which reminds me, must get in touch with Lengus, Balak and Sooj

  8. Congratulations!!!

    Do you think it is contributed by your showing of initiative by buying yourself “a pair of scissors and a roll of cellophane tape”?

  9. waaaaah… naik pangkat ah? bila nak belanja? 😛

    oh… and the joke was so bad i wasn’t sure whether to cry or laugh at the fact it’s so bad!

  10. I had to read twice to understand. Me so blur.

    Congrats on the promo. w00t w00t
    (I should go get my own scissors and sellotape too)

  11. jeevs,

    Haha. I should have remembered!


    Thanks. Yes, that must have been it.


    When you finish tiling my house.


    Thank you. Yes, you should. And tie it to your desk. The cellophane tape is already missing.

  12. well then… where’s my ticket? 😛

  13. yati,

    I never said I would buy you a ticket. I’ll buy you a raft, okie? You can kayuh back. Hehhehhehheh.

  14. CONGRATS!!!!!!
    Promoted eh? Must go for yum cha real soon and let you release your triumph ^__^

    Good for you cos u have been working ur ass out lately.

  15. Ackcherly,

    I’s steel dontch understands what you’s talking

  16. ceh! tak guna. contract… CANCEL!!

    eh… i got update on my home 😦 you still got the link or not? 😛

  17. Congrats… now pangkat President ka? 🙂

  18. blusher,

    Thank you.


    Me neither.


    Yes… But I can’t access blogspot from office. Must wait until I go somewhere that has internet access.

    Flick cHick,

    Thanks. It’s Ruler of the Universe now.

  19. congrats man!

  20. sicko,

    Thanks man!

  21. congrats… 🙂

    i hope promo comes with more pay… then you can hire more ppl to do your home tiles… 🙂

    anyway, just to clarify… promo can come in 2 forms:
    1. same pay, less work…
    2. same work, more pay…

    more pay and more work is not promo, ya… 🙂

  22. atai,

    Sadly it’s a lot more work, very little increase in pay.


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