Poor siaoyue fractured the little bone in her toe recently. By kicking a sofa.

Balak, her stoic boyfriend did not think it was serious, so he grabbed the toe and started jiggling it about. Vigorously. Jiggleouchjiggleouchjiggleouchouch jigglehardersomemore.

Owwwwwwwwwwwwww. Smack.

“Hmmm, how come the toe so loose one?” he asked.




13 Responses

  1. why boyfriends always like that one? when you tell them you’re hurting somewhere they always have to test it! hope the toe heal soon, siaoyue. then you could kick that bf of yours! 😀

  2. yati… i think its human nature la… same like when ppl see sign that says ‘wet paint’. obviously it means don’t touch it la… but what do you think normally ppl will do when they see that sign…? 🙂

    yes, they go touch and make sure its wet… then look at finger and go, “aiyah… my finger dirty now…”

  3. OUCHY! And I thought I was gonna die from my recent toilet door kicking incident. Scary man, how vulnerable we are. Hope siaoyue’s bones heal soon and whack the shit out of her balak ^__^

  4. er…I mean, siaoyue to whack her balak, not her bones -_-‘

  5. yati,

    I dunno. I would have done the same thing… 😀


    I agree…


    Man… I wouldn’t want you to be pissed off at me.

  6. Woah… classic.

  7. tell siaoyue to use the instep of the her foot and not her big toe next time.

  8. Kay Kastum,

    Classic boyfriend behaviour?


    LOL. She’s quite hopeless at football…

  9. hehe thanks everyone for the wishes..i also hope that toe gets better to kick that bf!!!

    surprisingly i still can go for my yoga!

  10. siaoyue… glad you’re taking my advice seriously! 😀

    atai… that is just silly. i don’t test wet paint because i don’t want to dirty my hands… BUT if there’s a big red button that has a sign saying ‘Do Not Push’… hmmmmmmmmmmmm… 😉

  11. This site is turning into a chatroom…

  12. Hey,

    In the mess that is becoming an all girl Balak Bashing Ball, I wish to state that he is a really nice guy and takes care of his missus…So he made a mistake – he had good intentions…

    I may have just unsuspectedly open the floodgates

    Oh ya, ms fish, jaga diri baik baik yeah…

  13. LOL! Yup..Balak Bashing Ball…hehe…Well, just make sure u guys out there dun repeat the same mistake or be ready to face the wrath of a woman in pain…LOL

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