Hey, wassup?




9 Responses

  1. yay.. it’s good to be a toon this week, innit.

  2. toooooooooooooooooooooooooon army!!

  3. 9,

    Yes it is! Hehehehe.


    Haway tha lads!

  4. I’m an honorary Toon. W00t woot

  5. Lucky ONLY!!!….

  6. Lils,

    Yes you are… 🙂


    Itu anggur sangat masam. :p

  7. Haha! This post is easily lawak of the week, you should post it in HB instead :p. Good for you guys 🙂

    BTW howay the lads tu bukan org Sunderland punye phrase ke?

  8. The Takems and the Mackems has similar speechlah. and we do like the Mackems… in some sort..

    “I like to go a wandering along the cliffs of Dover. If I see a Mackem c*nt. I’ll push the bastard over.”

  9. skiver,

    Same area, speech is similar. HTL is used more by the Geordies than Sunderland Scum.


    I’ve got a joke too! It’s a little nasty though.

    Q: What’s the difference between a Mackem Lass and a Kit Kat?

    A: You can only get 4 fingers in a Kit Kat.

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