Forgive My Smirking

I know it’s a little old and clichéd, but sometimes you just have to say it – you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.

I don’t have an alarm clock, so I use my PDA phone’s notify function. The notification sound volume is about as loud as an ant’s fart, and inevitably, there were mornings where I jumped out of bed, crazy hair, wild eyed, going ohsheetohsheetohsheet.

Last night, I left my PDA phone and wristwatch at Seekarlui’s place.

I tossed and turned in bed worrying about whether I can wake up on time. I even thought about staying awake until dawn. Ridiculous.

Somehow, I fell asleep.

I woke up this morning wondering what the time was. I had no watch and there were no clocks in my rented house. The only indication I had was the slightly orange-ish sunlight streaming into my room.

I hopped into my car (I do not want to bore you with all the teeth brushing, face washing, throne sitting, clothes wearing details) and turned the ignition. My car clock flickered to life. 8.20 am.

This is going to be a good day.

As I drove down the road of my housing estate, I gazed at the deep blue sky, the white puffy clouds, the peaceful green scenery in Bandar Utama. I turned the radio on.

“… Manchester United drew with Pompey 1 – 1. Christina Doi-Doi Ronaldo got sent off for throwing a hissy in his tight little pink tutu…”

Hahahahahahaha, this is going to be a great day indeed.


23 Responses

  1. mahai. i curse owen patah kaki for another 6 months then you know!

  2. and Liverpool won at CL too! fabulous day! 😀

  3. desparil,

    Hehehe. Better not. Lily will be upset.


    Well done scousers! 🙂

  4. ah boy ar.. very soon there will be your wife waking you up every morning for work.. no need clock/watch then.. 😀

  5. wife… hmmm… after house is complete…? 🙂

  6. Dude,

    How is leaving your house at 08.20 AM a good thing when work starts at 08.00 AM and your boss is Lengus, who comes in at 07.30 AM?

    Only I am allowed to come in at 09.00 AM (or later)…

  7. Mentah mentah you buggers led the table for 3 days, cakap banyak yeah….

  8. Hehe… My last ohsheetohsheetohsheetohsheet moment was at 10.30am on my 2nd day of work for my current job. Not a good way to impress the new bosses… wandering in at 12.00pm… and lied of course. When was your last one?

  9. mama,

    Haha. She may oversleep too.


    Not immediately. But soon. 🙂


    8.20 am is a great achievement for me. I got in at 8.30 am. Even C.Lengus looked impressed. 😀


    Hahahaha. Last ohsheetohsheetohsheet was two months ago… :p

  10. Fergit said Christina is easily provoked. Prolly that guy said to him, ‘My handbag is nicer than yours’ 😀

    *excuse me*
    Oi Desparil, you think I donch read Anttyk issit??

  11. hehehehehe…

  12. Lils,

    Hehehehe, ya loh!



  13. after watching match of the day highlights… i slept really well last night 😀

  14. Yep. I used to use my PDA alarm thingy but just enough to put include the sound into my dreams as soundtrack..

  15. yati,

    Hehehehe. Not due to ‘other’ contributing factors?

    Kay Kastum,

    What do you use now? Those big loud metal alarm clocks?

  16. ok ok i transfer the curse to martins.

  17. I actually tuned in to Sports Center and EPL highlight many times just to see Ronaldo’s red face.. 🙂 yeah and fab Fabregas scored!

  18. what ‘other’? what are you talking about? tak fahamlah 😛

    is desparil jealous?

  19. last night, when owen warmed up in the first half but didn’t play, I thought he injured himself pulling his socks or something. he he

  20. yati,

    no la. just playing with antykk. jangan marah ah?

  21. curse newcastle and any of the players… of courselah marah!

  22. yati,

    marah nanti cepat tua.

    apparently we’re interested to get martins. so, i retract the curse on him. is barton ok as replacement?

  23. tai tai arrived at work early today!!!!!! 8am (so he claimed) and arrived at the usual kopitiam at 8.20am.

    we had breakfast too! Maybe he only wakes up for breakfast.

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