Tired and Sleepy


It’s all eyeris‘ fault.

Lack of sleep. Knackered all the time.

Six books. Quite pricey.

But damn worth it lor… I cried when the wolf died. Cis.




7 Responses

  1. damn good books.

  2. wah, you finished all six books in one go? Damn good right? 😀

  3. desparil,

    Ya… Really good. Fitzfitzfitz…


    It is! So good that it took up all my spare time. No time to blog. 😀

  4. Now you can start with The Sandman…

  5. pinjam boleh?

  6. Sean,

    Haha. Your Sandman’s still sitting in my drawer. :p


    When are you coming back?

  7. the picture reminded me of kenny of south park.

    sandman. only one i know is the comic by DC & neil gaiman. 😉

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