A few days ago, Kaysee told us a true story… Man, it makes me wince whenever I think about it.

Kaysee: My girlfriend’s brother has a friend. He loves playing volleyball. Apparently, he’s quite good at it.

C. Lengus: Issit? I can’t play sports.

Note: Okay now, if you are underaged and/or squeamish, please do not continue. Proceed at your own risk. 


Kaysee: Hehe. Anyway, the guy, he’s quite tall one, and he can jump really high. One day during a game, after blocking a spike, as he was falling… Err…

Balak: What what? 

Kaysee: As he was falling, the fella’s nuts… Errr… His nuts somehow got caught in the net. He tore his nut sac and his nut fell out.

All of us: WAHLAU eh! Bokoleng! That’s not possible.

Kaysee: It’s true one. My girlfriend’s brother took him to the hospital in a cab, craddling the nut with his hands.


Kaysee: Luckily, the doctors managed to reattach the nut. So, he’s fine now.

All of us: Ouchouchouch… Collective cringecringecringecringe.


23 Responses

  1. got nut inside meh?

    *crotching the boulders*

  2. ewww…

    my knees are all wobbly now. must remind my self next time never to click (read more) on anything like this…

  3. sicko,

    Okaaaayyyyyyy… Is it made of brass as well? 😀


    I warned you already wor…

  4. what?!?! how can his nuts get caught in the net?was he playing in the nude?

  5. I call bullshit! Like 9 asked, was he playing in the buff? Either KC’s making up stories or he’s exaggerating like a drama queen. Heh, queen. Me Doubting Thomas

  6. 9,

    We suspect that the fella was playing volleyball commando.


    You can clarify this with him. We think it’s likely to be true, just like your stories… 🙂

  7. hard to believe, considering i played volleyball myself in those years.

    unless his nuts are outside, and his banana is behind the nuts, or he jump and do spilt at the same time 😛

  8. I’m wondering if this story is true too but still even made up, it’s pretty cringeworthy!!!

  9. spiller,

    LOL. Anything is possible. Wierder things have happened.


    Kaysee insists that this is a true story.

  10. was it a blooody situation then? keke

  11. i see anttyk is starting another of his urban myths again! :-p

  12. Hey, u mentioned that his nut fell off…which one? the right or left? 😛

  13. So they managed to sew back his sac or wat..

  14. *speechless*

  15. He must have been playing without an underwear.?

  16. mama,

    I’s sure there was blood.


    Urban myth? Started by me? Where got? :p


    I dunno. Will find out.

    Flick cHick,

    They sewed the ball-ball back and closed up the sac. It’s all good.

    Kay Kastum,

    I was thinking the same thing.

  17. Nuts in the Net? Bokorleng lar… the volleyball net’s holes are so big… unless that feller wearing super short pants without undies… if not, how can nuts get tangle with nets.. ??

  18. I could have sworn i posted a comment last night. Did you delete it anttyk? or did i post it in someone else’s blog *gulp*

  19. Today the papers carried a story of a boy in Bkt Mertajam who got his nuts caught in a pipe.

    But on a volleyball net … oh, he was wearing tight short-shorts ah?

  20. vinass,

    Anything is possible.


    I didn’t delete your comment. What was it Lils?


    Haha. I thought of putting the link here. The poor kid. Traumatised for life.

  21. Congrats Anttyk 😀 Your striker is pure class.

  22. Lils,

    He is. :p

  23. I want proof!
    Picture plz


    scary like that.
    Still can use meh?

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