More Old Pictures

Sigh. It’s raining this afternoon. The office is as silent as a graveyard, all my slaves have been pimped out. With no one to talk to, I attempt to do sit down and do some actual work for a change. The substandard piece of crap work placed in front of me pisses me off and I decide to stomp on some gerbils snuffling around the corners of my cubicle.

My anger still unsatiated, I turn to WordPress. I stare at the cursor, racking my brains (I’ve got a few) for inspiration. Nothing comes. Shit, writer’s block. 

So, without much further ado, here’s another old picture for your viewing pleasure. One free meal at a mamak of your choice and/or a lapdance if you can spot me.

st-patricks.jpg <– Click me, click me… Ooh ooh oooo… Ahh ahh.. (I’m an idiot, sigh)


House: Update

Renovation almost completed. One more month to go… 🙂



i was walking to lunch today when i saw a man who was lying down in the office lobby his colleagues surrounding him looked very concerned i think he just had a heart attack or something soon after an ambulance whee wooo whee wooo whee wooo came and took him off to the hospital this incident gave me pause and made me ponder the fragile nature of our human lives and also my own mortality maybe this is because i am reading the sandman series and am still rather upset that dream the endless had died soooobbbbbbbb this is incomprehensible as the endless should not and are not mortals and if the endless can die then what hope do we mortals have my favourite character is dream’s older sister i think she is nice i know of a skinny liverpool fan who fancies delirium but not me i find her too flaky and scary due to her instability an unpredictable endless poses more danger to humankind compared to a god who is outwardly and openly malicious like loki anyway i digress i began thinking to myself that i should take better care of my health that i should exercise more and watch what i eat so i ordered a bowl of noodles with lots of vegetables and drank iced tea i also started pondering do doctors and nurses faced with death and suffering on a daily basis wonder about the meaning of life how do they cope with all this pain do they take one day at a time or do they just muddle through it all with a sense of indifference do the things we do in life matter is every incident in life preordained, random or neither where do we fit in the grand scheme of things will we just fade into the night when we die i walked past a pub after lunch and i espied these letterings on the signboard – cArLsbErG a revelation hit me and eureka and now i know no matter what the nature of life and mortality is life should be lived in the moment and to its fullest you just never know when the fat lady decides to sing………….





I received a package a few days ago.


The package was from my sister, Muks and it contained:

  1. A couple of Raoul shirts.
  2. A pair of Raoul cufflinks.
  3. An autographed Neil Crowley Trio CD.
  4. A green piece of paper, with some sort of vague scribbling on it.

Hehehehe. Thanks Muks, I like the stuff very, very much indeed. I’ll buy you another packet drink the next time I’m in London, okie?


Funny Picture


Old pictures make me laugh.

Full Circle

I swear to you. Life goes in circles. We struggle to move forward, find improved ways of doing things, we seek to better ourselves – yet at the end of the day, we find that we have come one full circle and are back where we started from.

Let me illustrate, or as a good friend from India puts it, let me ‘splain you.

When we were kids, Muks and I were dragged every single &#%$@! week to this hashing thing, my dad seems to be obsessed with. Hashing, apparently, is a sport and involves running after a guy, known as the hare, who lays down a paper trail for the hashers to follow. The scenery and hare changes every week, and this hashing malarkey is supposed to be healthy.

I nearly lost an eye hashing once, when some crazy-assed hare led us into a rain forest at night. It was pitch black and I was attacked by monsters. Actually, I tripped and a thorn bush cut me, nearly taking out by eye. I still cringe whenever I think about it.

I have always suspected that hashing is just an excuse for men to drink lots and lots of beer. There was always a huge happy beer wagon at the hash site, filled with nice icy cold cans of beer, mmmm. After a token effort at running, dinner at the local kedai kopi ensued – and this was always accompanied by lots and lots of drinking, grandma tossing, strip tease contests by fat balding middle-aged men, etc. Anyway, the point of that long winded dissertation above is to establish the fact that I started drinking beer at kedai kopis.

Life got better when I was studying in Sydney. I started drinking with my friends in seedy run-down pubs in Chinatown. Charlie Chan was a favourite, I recall. It had three old jackpot machines, where my roommate had an unhealthy fixation with. He lost fortunes, entire GDPs of small Pacific Island nations.

My affluence grew when working life commenced. With more cash to splash around, I started frequenting posher establishments like Espanda, Qbar, Zeta Bar, Poppy Garden, Havanitas.

Until last year.

I started frequenting a pub opposite my office. The place is always dark, smoky and noisy. Beers cost RM35 per jug, though slightly watered down. The place may not be much, but the company more than made up for all the pub’s shortcomings – C. Lengus, Chosim, Sean, Balak, Kaysee. We had fun.

Last night however, I found myself sitting in a kedai kopi with C. Lengus, Balak and Tuckie. We were drinking beer.

Such an ah pek thing to do. Hahaha.

I remember thinking to myself, this is so much better than going to the pub. The beer’s cheap and food is readily available. I don’t think I’ll ever go clubbing again – the noise, the crowds, cover charges, the vomit splattered all over the toilet walls and floors are too much for me in my dotage. The kids in the clubs these days seem so young I feel like grandpa just sitting there holding my seriously overpriced glass of Chivas.

All I need is good company, and a kedai kopi that serves beer and stout. Just don’t force me to go hashing again, okie?