I received a package a few days ago.


The package was from my sister, Muks and it contained:

  1. A couple of Raoul shirts.
  2. A pair of Raoul cufflinks.
  3. An autographed Neil Crowley Trio CD.
  4. A green piece of paper, with some sort of vague scribbling on it.

Hehehehe. Thanks Muks, I like the stuff very, very much indeed. I’ll buy you another packet drink the next time I’m in London, okie?



17 Responses

  1. bro…. knowing u for so long but still dun know your birthday oo!!!

  2. nice shirts there

  3. what? was it your birthday??!! sorry… i’m so blur one!!

    Happy Belated Birthday…

    And do buy me a drink when you’re in London too! 😉

  4. Salina,

    It’s okay kacheh.




    Thank you! It was two weeks ago. I am old. Okay, I’d buy you a drink – katira?

  5. happy birthday dude. virgoan rulez! 😛

  6. tailo,

    Happys Burstday to yous…

    Next time you are in London or I am in KL, or if i EVER decide to sign my soul to the devil and join facebook, you can buy me a drink, ok!

  7. Muks! If you ever read this, my bday is in Nov. Hehehe…Sorry I missed your birthday sometime last week. Meant to drop a msg to u but forgot. Aiii…
    Mayb I’ll ‘bake’ another cake like what i did for anttyk. 🙂

  8. I’m not sure if I was even aware of the camera pointing at us. My drink! My precious drink… Well, it was a few years ago so when is anttyk fulfilling his promise? Ich mochte einen trinken!

    You’re welcome, but I do have to stop squealing at clients and asking for autographs. 🙂

    blusher, did you manage to pilfer anttyk’s happy rotter book?

  9. katira senang jumpa dekat Johor jelah! if you can find one in London, i tabik!

  10. Muks, happy rotter book? whadat? It must be full of juicy secrets eh? Sorry anttyk…this is like some public board now…hehehe.

  11. spiller,

    Thanks bro. Yes, we rule. 🙂


    I am too old for the facebook and friendster malarky. But we can go for drinks!


    As soon as a business class ticket reaches my doorsteps. Haha. 🙂


    Hmm… Anything is possible. But, tabik only? I would feel a little shortchanged… :p


    The Harry Potter book. My sister is a little dyslexic. It’s okay… I like comments. 🙂

  12. That’s such a sweet picture of you two 🙂

    btw..I saw a Tom Alan Shearer on facebook. Would that be Shearer’s son?

  13. northen rock is rockin.. time for new sponsor? i like the star last time one.. wats it name already?

  14. hey happy belated birthday! are you still in your 20s?!

  15. Lils,

    Aw chucks… *stands awkwardly while twirling foot in circles*


    That’s Newcastle Brown Ale. It’s good…


    Thank you! Unfortunately, no… 😦

  16. mmmmmmmmm Newcastle Brown Ale. I had that top and i left to jemur outside and someone curi 😦

  17. yati,

    If that happened to me I would go out on a rampage and start stamping on hamsters.

    It’s really hard to get Newcastle United jerseys in Malaysia… Al Ikhsan brings in around 3 jerseys per season, and this clearly is insufficient. I asked the shop about why this is, they told me, “Newcastle tak ada fan base lah di sini.”

    So I said, “How come all that the NUFC jersey’s you bring sure sold out one?”

    He said, “Itu orang beli because they know that the jersey is rare in Malaysia. Collectible.”

    I am flabbergasted, and said, “Ahbohthen? Still ada orang beli right? Fan base ke, collector ke, ada demand bah. Bring in more la.”

    He said, ” Tengok boss cakap apa dulu lah.”


    The 2007/2008 season NUFC jersey is currently still eluding me. 😦

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