i was walking to lunch today when i saw a man who was lying down in the office lobby his colleagues surrounding him looked very concerned i think he just had a heart attack or something soon after an ambulance whee wooo whee wooo whee wooo came and took him off to the hospital this incident gave me pause and made me ponder the fragile nature of our human lives and also my own mortality maybe this is because i am reading the sandman series and am still rather upset that dream the endless had died soooobbbbbbbb this is incomprehensible as the endless should not and are not mortals and if the endless can die then what hope do we mortals have my favourite character is dream’s older sister i think she is nice i know of a skinny liverpool fan who fancies delirium but not me i find her too flaky and scary due to her instability an unpredictable endless poses more danger to humankind compared to a god who is outwardly and openly malicious like loki anyway i digress i began thinking to myself that i should take better care of my health that i should exercise more and watch what i eat so i ordered a bowl of noodles with lots of vegetables and drank iced tea i also started pondering do doctors and nurses faced with death and suffering on a daily basis wonder about the meaning of life how do they cope with all this pain do they take one day at a time or do they just muddle through it all with a sense of indifference do the things we do in life matter is every incident in life preordained, random or neither where do we fit in the grand scheme of things will we just fade into the night when we die i walked past a pub after lunch and i espied these letterings on the signboard – cArLsbErG a revelation hit me and eureka and now i know no matter what the nature of life and mortality is life should be lived in the moment and to its fullest you just never know when the fat lady decides to sing………….


8 Responses

  1. I know, I know… lager is rather enlightening, isn’t it? Ale on the other hand, is another matter.

  2. And cider just gives you one helluva headache.

  3. Muks,

    Oh yes, beer is great. The hoppy kind, not the German wheat ones though.

  4. anttyk,I hate beer…!!!I don’t know why.

  5. No one says on their deathbed, ‘I wish I’d eaten more veggie.’

  6. Come, let’s drink to celebrate manu & newcastle’s recent victories! We are all above chelsea

  7. monday. 1:06pm. bleeding hot. beer sounds like a grand plan. carpe diem? heh.

  8. monica,

    Why? How can?


    A guy dying of scurvy might. :p


    I’ll drinksh to thatsh! Hic!


    Indeed. Hold tight and don’t let go.

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