House: Update

Renovation almost completed. One more month to go… 🙂



20 Responses

  1. the house looks very nice….

  2. So you’ve settled on latte exterior?

  3. Lewis,

    Thanks bro.


    It’s not latte. It’s called Zambeki or Jumbucky or something like that. How do you like it? If you look closely, you will notice that the grilles are light blue. Not happy. Getting it repainted to white.

  4. Are you planning to have a big family?

  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

  6. Lily,

    Err… Haven’t thought about things like that yet. Hmm. Little Newcastle fans running around. Will Auntie Lily come visit? 🙂


    Hehehehehehehe. How’s yours coming along?

  7. don’t ask 😦 i will up date that bit of my blog when i have good news… and it has better be soon! 😦

  8. kesian your neighbour on the right, must have been suffering a lot of noise and dirt pollution.

    trust me, i feel their pain, my neighbour is renovating his house too.

    of course, mr anttyk is very considerable one, sure he has taken all measures to minimize the effects 😉

  9. wah wah…very nice!!! moving in soon? 🙂

  10. yati,

    Oh… Fingers crossed.


    I feel very guilty. I think on the day I move in, I’ll buy my neighbour a cake or something. The contractor left a lot of crap on his lawn.

    oon oon,

    Thanks. End of October, hopefully. 🙂

  11. Congrats man! Looking good.

  12. sicko,

    Thanks man…

  13. ready b4 christmas

    nice pic there

  14. Been missing for sometime, but Bro, your “nest” looks B.E.A.U…..tiful

  15. Hey, cool looking place. You’re gonna move into your own place soon. I’m so excited for you!

  16. tommi,

    Thanks bro.


    Thanks old man… Heh.


    I’m excited too. 🙂

  17. nice house!!! BU is it?

  18. monica,

    Thanks. It’s in Setia Alam.

  19. i like the colour scheme… Seems like the ‘IN’ colour scheme. have seen many houses repainted using similar colours… 🙂

  20. atai,

    I like the colour too. We copied the colour schemes of neighbourhood houses we liked. 🙂

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