More Old Pictures

Sigh. It’s raining this afternoon. The office is as silent as a graveyard, all my slaves have been pimped out. With no one to talk to, I attempt to do sit down and do some actual work for a change. The substandard piece of crap work placed in front of me pisses me off and I decide to stomp on some gerbils snuffling around the corners of my cubicle.

My anger still unsatiated, I turn to WordPress. I stare at the cursor, racking my brains (I’ve got a few) for inspiration. Nothing comes. Shit, writer’s block. 

So, without much further ado, here’s another old picture for your viewing pleasure. One free meal at a mamak of your choice and/or a lapdance if you can spot me.

st-patricks.jpg <– Click me, click me… Ooh ooh oooo… Ahh ahh.. (I’m an idiot, sigh)


21 Responses

  1. hehe are you the one standing first row 5th from the left? 😛

  2. last row standing, 3rd from right?

  3. oon oon,



    Heheh… Nope.

  4. None of them are as cute as you :p

  5. last row standing, 8th from right?

  6. how about last row 8th from the left… as it the left as you’re looking at the picture… not left as you’re standing in the picture.

    have i confused you enough… did i get a free meal? 😛

  7. 2nd row, first from right?

  8. Lils,

    Huh? I am? 😀

    Flick cHick,

    Mamak meal is on me! Hat’s off to you.


    Nope. Good try though. Hehe.


    Oi! You’re calling me a girl now? Pfffbbrrtt! :p

  9. Last Row…7th from Left…the one with the “Monkey” face or smile…


  10. your teacher is a cross dresser? He looks pretty in a dress.

  11. Vinass,

    Very funny. *slaps Vinass with a large trout*


    Man you have sharp eyes.

  12. I would have played only if you had promised a lapdance from your sister as prize.

  13. Was this Std 1 or 2? Defo not std 3 as that was the year I came in. Are Kim Yen, Ho Hee Sin and Chin Shih Haur in the photo as well? Any idea where these guys are now?

  14. Yahoo, me want teh tarik and mee goreng 🙂

  15. anttyk! U got to stand behind (finally!) u always get to sit with the teachers but I think this was taken in Std 1, yes? I can see Ho Hee Sin, Kim Yen, Shih Haur and Mohd Razif (he’s so cute!) and who’s that teacher? Thank God I was not there yet. She (He?) looked scary! ^__^ Hey, got Std 2 pics or not?

  16. Hey, who’s ae? Another old classmate frm St Pats?

  17. sir cipan,

    I’ll go ask her…. *comes back later*

    She says no.


    Standard 1. All the guys are in the picture. And sadly, I have lost contact with them. 🙂

    Flick cHick,



    Can’t seem to find the Standard Two pics. 😦

    Oh and ae is Anne E. Remember her? Our classmate. Sat next to me in class. Brilliant student.

  18. HeHeHe

  19. Hey Tony I’ve my street cred to uphold. Grades went downhill soon after! I think I’ve pics from stad 6 stashed away somewhere. And there they shall remain!

    Suet Li, it’s me Anne. How have you been?

  20. anttyk…your blog is like a Lost & Found ad. I’ve found 2 old classmates from here…hehe…Anne Edwards? WOW! Would appreciate if you could pass me her email add, anttyk. Thnx!!!

  21. Vinass,

    He he he back.


    Issit? I can’t seem to find mine. 😦


    Haha. That’s a good thing innit?

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