Lately, I have taken to favouring a ruffian-ish look, unshaven with slightly messy hair (a little like the picture above).

Dressed in a pair of five year old faded jeans, dirty brown loafers, an old checked shirt and a smelly old sling bag, I poked around the kitchen department at Harvey Norman’s with Seekarlui. We were looking at the wood panels for cabinets when an auntie, sixty-ish I presume, interrupted us.

“So is this wood good ah?”

I replied, “Looks nice. Should be good. I’m not sure.”

“Ya. I like this wood. I want to install this for my kitchen,” the auntie said.

“It’s a nice choice. The colour is neutral and colours are easy to match.”

“I think so too,” she agreed.

As the auntie turned to leave, she quipped, “Are you a carpenter ah?”


Ciiiiiiissssssssssssssss…. 😦


9 Responses

  1. The question is, how did you get yourself covered with woodchips?

  2. Bet Seekarlui must have laughed her head off. Carpenter good wat.

  3. Muks,

    I honestly can’t recall how.


    She doesn’t like my unshaven look… So yes, she laughed. 😦

  4. u need alot of beer and doughnuts to be like the comic book guy…hahaha

  5. Lewis,

    I’m almost there already. You’re not too far behind either. Heheheh.

  6. difficult to get good carpenter nowaday you know!

  7. anttyk, I need a carpenter for my new crib. Interested? 🙂

  8. yati,

    Eh… Your brog kena hack again ah?

    Flick cHick,

    I have one Scandinavian word for you…

    Ikea. :p

  9. Hey, y not change your name from Anthony Tai to
    Carrpentter Tai… or Carpenter Tai…

    sounds good also…


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