I Have SOLD Out

I am a fraud. I have sold out. My soul is tainted beyond salvation. After months and months of valiant struggling, I have given in to temptation. Damn you, deviloftheinternet.

I have failed.

I am now on Facebook.


Well, as the saying goes – When in Rome…

10 things I do with Facebook.

  1. Race my Fluff-thingy and bet. I lost all my munny betting on the faster animals, but somehow, the slow 20 fph fellas keep winning. It’s baffling. Now that I’m pokai, I go around molesting strangers Fluff-thingies to earn munny. This is so wrong.
  2. Look for old classmates. Seems to work better than Friendster (horrors!).
  3. Play Scrabble.
  4. Conteng other people’s walls.
  5. Repeatedly search for Lily the Liverbird every couple of hours.
  6. Spank people.
  7. Rearrange all the applications on my profile.
  8. Flood friend’s gardens with lots and lots of gnomes.
  9. Find out who broke up with who.
  10. Read Sean’s ever changing Facebook status. See below, in this instance, she is busy shitting on the aviation industry. I wonder why.



14 Responses

  1. Yay! I can throw cows or colleen (whichever is heavier) at you 😀

  2. i can’t find yew. why your name so common one? why didn’t your parents name you Elvis or Ringo?

  3. yeah flooding ppl’s garden and aquarium as well… be careful…hahaha

  4. and you haven’t add me??!! why you don’t want to be my friend 😦 i go merajuk now…

  5. Welcome to the Facebookaholics Anonymous Bonding Society!

  6. why is it necessary to pick on poor lil ol me? but thanks for the reminder…time to change my status soon!

    ps: the aviation industry sucks you dry, that’s why. now everyone can fly, my arse (er, not like that…)


  7. haha thanks to u i have a slow 18km/hr tortoise too. come lets race

    oh BTW now with ur 250 metro voucher..u can get a nice vase for ur house or a nice coffee set for ur coffee table! heheheh!

    wait for my housewarming gift la!

  8. Lils,

    Yay! I can also chuck stuff at you! 🙂


    Where and how did you get so much money? Me jealous.


    I tried searching for you ler… Wot happened to your blog?

    Flick cHick,

    I’m not addicted. Yet. Nononononononotnotnonono.

    Lewis again,



    Thanks. We missed you.


    Bring on your tortoise. I not scared.
    I like gifts. 🙂

  9. i think the server owner went to kedai kopi and tak balik-balik! so i’m rebuilding my blog again 😦 i might be able to recover my post from the last back up (3 August)… the comments from that date are now all gone 😦


    is that you adding me on facebook 😉 i go and slap you now 😀

  10. I’ve got two words for you:

    BLAARDY SELL OUT!…ok, that’s three…

    and congrats on the repeat win…one for the record books for sure…

    Btw, I’ back for the next three weeks, when’s the best time to fly a plane into the second floor…

  11. jeevs,

    next week when i get back!!!

  12. yati,



    Come any time. We go play-play! I bet you miss futsal.

  13. Actually, I have been playing fairly frequently…so not so lah…but still itching as ever!

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