Ciggies May Not Be Good For Your Health After All

C. Lengus, Chicken, Hero, Balak and I were sitting in the lounge at some seaside resort in Cherating waiting for Chosim, who was busy taking a dump. Chosim, if you remember, was involved in an incident a year ago where he nearly died deep frying keropok lekor in his kitchen. Click here to read that story.

Anyway, back to my tale.

Chosim hobbled out from the toilet, with a huge grimace on his face, his hands cupping his crotch.

Balak: What happened?

Chosim: I was sitting on the toilet seat, doing my business. Nothing to do mah, so I smoke. Mana tau, hot bits of ash fell from the cigarette and landed on my [censored].


Chosim: Woi, not funny la. Damn pain la wei… -_-



11 Responses

  1. OK… how the hell could the ash fall on the censored area??!! unless he was silly enough to flick the ash into the bowl as he was sitting in it! apalah….


    I thought mine was bad. smoking in car, flick out of the window, it flew back in, and kinda went under my skirt, and it burnt my thighs.

    freak accidents do happen.


  3. HAHAHHAHHAHAHA i can’t wait to see chosim and laugh in his face!!! HHAHAHHAHAHAH

  4. Yati: or UNLESS he had rolled out the ‘fire hose’ out of the bowl while ‘downloading’…

  5. Song dedication to Chosim: Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lewis lol

  6. Chosim, did you apply Burnol onto It helps to ease the burnt feeling, you know.
    LOL!! Be more careful next time!

  7. CLASSIC!!!!

  8. oh ya… wanted to add… and i thought i had weird frenz… hahaha…

  9. Like the ad says “Katakan Tak Nak”!

  10. yati,

    It really happened.




    Be kind. 😛


    Apa itu fire hose all?


    Not balls ler… Know any songs about hot dogs?


    Burnol. Wow. My dad used it for everything. Mossie bites, scrapes, bruises. Still can find meh?




    I’ve amended it. Thanks. I have interesting friends. 🙂

    Kay Kastum,

    It ain’t easy…

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