I Need Sleep

These couple of days have been rather trying. I am desperately short of sleep. I have broken out in hives, and I’ve got a huge pimple on my forehead.

The renovation work on my home was fraught with errors, mistakes and delays. The cabinet maker destroyed three door panels of my kitchen cabinet during the installation process. The curtain maker gave me curtains with diarrhea, I mean, they run.

That’s not all. The sliding door for my walk-in wardrobe was not installed straight. The hole in the kitchen counter top was too big for my cooker hob. My bathroom screen guy did not even show up nor did he return my calls.

There are ugly holes and plastic casings in both bathrooms. I forgot about the wirings for the heaters. I had to return one of the dining chairs. There were some strange Monica Lewinsky-ish type stains on it.

My house is full of dust. There are massive holes in the walls due to the drilling and wiring work. There are insects every where too, no matter how much I hovering I do. Setia Alam seems to be infested with bugs. So, this is what living in an ant colony feels like. 😦

I slept on a bed with all the plastic coverings on, as my wardrobe is not finished yet. My clothes and stuff are all packed up in boxes. Every night the alarm system wakes me up, as I haven’t figured out how to operate the thing yet.

But I am happy.

And content.

I’ve got Astro. Heh.


18 Responses

  1. congrats on the house, homeowner. all worth it, yeah?

    hmm, your almost last paragraph about sleeping on the bed because the wardrobe is not finished sounds like you live in the closet and not ready to come out of it yet..something you wanna tell us?

  2. CONGRATS!!!

    Wow, you really moved in already. Poor guy, have to sleep amidst the dust. Sounds like things are not going so smoothly. Fear not, my fren. Enjoy the ants and dust while you can. It’s an awesome experience indeed! *winks*

  3. as they say…

    Berakit-rakit ke hulu
    Berenang-renang ke tepian
    Berhabuk-habuk dahulu
    Berenjoy-enjoy kemudian


  4. Be patient & Be thankful..;-)

  5. Sean,

    You wouldn’t want to see what comes out from my closet…


    Thank you. It’s an interesting experience. Tiring though.


    What I need is a maid. Sigh. I spent the whole of last night just cleaning my room and the bath. And it’s still not clean yet. *slaps forehead*


    I’ll try. 🙂

  6. congratulations. i’m sure the house will sort itself out in time.

    sean leaving??

  7. so when is the house warming partaaay then?

  8. aiyo…. so ‘cham’ ah?…. never mind lar!!… soon and later will not be the same anymore… good things will come upon you…….

  9. sicko,

    Thanks. Yeah. Sean’s leaving for China (to learn Chinese), then she’s moving to Pauline Hanson’s home state.


    December? Need to sort out everything first. 🙂


    Yalor… So cham…

  10. congrats dude!

  11. Bro, i know what to get for u for your house warming party…

    Lots and Lots of Ridsects!!!

    Me buy for you in cartons!

    Congrats Bro…

  12. yati,

    Thanks! 🙂


    Ridsect? Wah lau… That’s for mozzies. I need a maid, more than anything.

  13. u moved in aldy?

    got any nice neighbourhood around? mcm desperate housewife type lei hehe

  14. tommi,

    Yes. 🙂 Wanna come see?

  15. sure boh? sekali i come all macam ninja susah la

  16. i might be popping by SA this weekend…

    if you around, we could meet up at mamak or something… 🙂

  17. i was in klang on sat wif teckseng n his piu mui..makan fish head during lunch time hehe..thgt of cari u suddenly heavily rain

  18. tommi,



    Come come…


    Aiyo… Me was sitting at home with nothing to do. You didn’t come cari me… 😦

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