Why do gorillas have huge nostrils?

Because they have huge fingers. 


11 Responses

  1. *hitting my head on the table*

  2. Wei, you’d better get some sleep liao.

  3. very cold~~~

  4. Anttyk, you’ve become as classy as me :p

  5. yati,

    After you are done banging your head on the table, you should go and fix your blog. It’s down again! :p






    I know. I need helpch.


    Why are you cold?


    Haha. My life’s ambition, to be more like Lils. :p

  6. O_o

    btw congrats on the new home!

  7. no it’s not!! did you type in the right address? there is a sllight change remember? :-p

  8. e,

    Thank you. 🙂


    Issit? I tried both addresses. Also cannot wor…

  9. aisey man… i sent another message on facebook! go and click.

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