Finally, after months of protracted wrangling, the house is completed. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but at least I can finally call this place my home.

Here are some pictures. More to come as I add stuff to the place. Now where did I put that golden retriever puppy? Hmmm…





29 Responses

  1. Ooooh, am I the first to arrive?

    Hey nice kitchen – but I bet before long you’re gonna curse “Why didn’t I put in more plug-points?”.

    My house came with 13 plug-points, after renovations we had 28. Still wasn’t enough.

    By my reckoning a 4-bedroom house should have at least 35 points.

    Still not too late though.

    Love the sofa – leather?

  2. bedroom looks nice and dark even with curtains open. can sleep till kingdom come! yay!

  3. orang tua cakap, kalau dah beli rumah, mesti kawin 😀

  4. I agree with lily! When will you toss the ‘red bombs’? Soon, I hope *winks*

    BTW, your kitchen is just fabulous! Hurray! We can now go and ‘cham goon’.

  5. sir_cipan,

    I’ve got a few more that’s not in the picture. Yes, sofa is leather, Rozel, got it on offer. 🙂


    Haha. I love dark bedrooms too.


    Soon soon. Orang tua kena sabar sikit.


    Heheh. Soon ler… Wait until my financial situation has recovered first. 🙂

  6. i hv the same ikea lazy chair at home. heh

  7. lookin’ real good! i spy a MAS pillow too, you pilferer

  8. Hahaha… I know that pillow. Micro Dog Dog’s bed, huh?

  9. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntiiiiiiiiiik!!

  10. 9,

    Hehehe. Yeah. I like that chair.


    Oik! I paid for the airticket. Pillow comes free.


    Haha, yes. Miro Dog-Dog’s nice comfy bed.


    Eeehhhh… Shylah… Still so stark and barren…

  11. eh why the kitchen floor like that one? i thought the opening should be placed somewhere?

  12. i like da kitchen

  13. Waaahhh, me like the kitchen 🙂

  14. very nice. can ask where you got the stuff & price? email you perhaps?

  15. wow…very nice place!!!!

  16. Good taste this guy got huh..?

  17. Where is my room? how come u didn’t show me one?

    nice place u got, bro…

  18. kinda like your livingroom! it have a welcoming atmospheres

    Sorry my english a lower gred. huhuh!

  19. wow… so nice! 🙂

    hole dun look that big after all wat… or u converted to sink ka?!? haha…

  20. spiller,

    I also dunno… Contractor’s fault. Haha.

    siaoyue and Flick cHick,

    I like the kitchen too! 🙂


    Can can. I’ll email you.



    Kay Kastum,

    Eh shylah…


    Ah Pak. Your room is unfurnished. Waiting for you ler…

    Anouhea Audiya,

    Welcome! That’s the kind of atmosphere I am trying to achieve. A homely friendly feeling.


    Hahaha. That’s funny. I managed to find a cooker top that covered the hole. Yay!

  21. i spy with my little eye…a maggie mee pot in your kitchen

  22. so happy got ur own house hehe

  23. okok…. then every month i will buy some furnitures to fill up me room….

    Lewis, when do we want to go Antass’s lumah and trash it… ????

    I can cook red wine+tomatoes sauce pasta… we makan and makan there…

  24. Antass,

    TV cabinet lack of PS3 and also Nintendo Wii…. how?

  25. I Sponsor u lah…

    (1) 1 pair of PS3 controllers
    (2) 2 Latest PS3 games
    (3) Power cables

    For the rest, u will have to get Sponsors… muhha

  26. Lewis,

    Hehehe. I like the pot your mum gave me.


    Happy… 🙂


    That sounds good. PS3 – I want!!!!

  27. Vinass,
    can no problem…we can decorate it with MANU posters and bring some football to kick against his wall…hahaha..give it some adidas logo design on his wall.. PS 3….hmmm…sounds good..

  28. hey all, i clearly remember saying i sponsor the Ps3 controllers and games wor..the rest..antass needs to find sponsors d…

    Lewis, great idea man…kick balls on his newly painted walls… test and see are those paints have Teflon coating or not..??

  29. Vinass,

    What’s the use of PS3 controllers with a PS3? Waaahhhhh!!!


    Don’t you dare… Beat.

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