New Toy



80GB, 1080p HD games, SIXAXIS wireless controllers, Blu-ray.


21 Responses

  1. come, lets challenge FIFA!

    oii.. apa uncle tak update ah.. i’m not that old ok?

  2. u got a new toy too?!? what is this… xmas is now celebrated beginning of Dec?!? 🙂

  3. Ooooh! And to think that you were jealous of me….tsk tsk! You already have a new toy yourself!

  4. oooh… Santa came early this year huh…
    DAMN!!!! JEALOUS!!!

  5. As promised… will get you some titles soon….

    I thought u wanted a 40gb only…how come u upgraded to the 80gb?

  6. spiller,

    Yah, send your horses over! Ya what… You have not updated in ages. :p


    Hehehehehehe. Apparently so.


    I got the PS3 on Saturday… 🙂


    Come over, we can play FIFA 08. MU vs Newcastle. 🙂

  7. Vinass,

    Hehehe. 80gb got way better stuff…

  8. 80GB??!! J’s been ‘hinting’ that he would love one for Christmas… some thing about wanting the one with 60GB… don’t you dare tell him about 80GB!!!

  9. no no…no MU vs newcastle…ur newcastle will definately have more trainning than my MU skills…hahahah

  10. hmmm… since u have 1 now… might as well ask u… got mod version or not? and can play homebrew games? 😉

  11. yati,

    They have stopped making the 60GB one… J will find out sooner or later. :o)


    Scared ah?


    PS3 cannot mod… So far.

  12. I don’t like playing console games. I always lose to my kids.

    Jom futsal?

  13. Way better stuffs like what? Enlighten me…i might be getting one soon… but if i do get one…looks like i will have to carry it around where ever i go… unless i leave it at my rented apartment in singapore….. and pris will play with it.. initially i was thinking of X-BOX360 cause the graphics looks better and the games are more interesting… So, which is better, PS3 or X-Box 360?

    Let me know…

  14. sir cipan,

    Can! Bila?


    You should get the 360. Then put it in my place. This way, you get to play with two different consoles when you come visit. :p

    Seriously, PS3 has better graphics. The 360 has better games, for now. PS3 will definitely catch up. Plus, the 80GB machine is backward compatible. This means you can still play original PS2 and PS games!

  15. Bah, PS3 *sigh*

    So … mine’s in the mail right? You did get 2 ey.

  16. Mr K,

    Haha. Sure… :o)

  17. newcastle is my hero now….thanks to the 1-1 draw with arsenal

  18. Ok, then i seriously need to reconsider which to get. Let’s see how…maybe after 15th this month, then i’ll know which to get…after trashing yours….hehe

  19. Lewis,

    We should have won that game…


    OK. 🙂

  20. *drools*


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