Seekarlui and I put the Christmas tree up yesterday evening.

We really like it. 🙂


11 Responses

  1. eh post a proper picture la dey.

  2. last year you had a smaller tree, rite?
    Did you get a new one?

  3. spiller,

    It’s a proper picture what…. :p


    Same tree… Hehhehheh.

  4. Show the pic of the entire tree lar..

  5. Your bauble is melting!

  6. Aiyah, you peeps … why you wanna see the whole tree?

    Size doesn’t matter la.


  7. Flick cHick,

    Soon soon… 🙂


    Oh no!

    sir cipan,

    Ya lor… Size doesn’t matter.

  8. I want to see the prezzies under the tree!

  9. size matters… and it has to be real too :-p so take a photo of the whole treelah wei!

  10. u only decorated that one spot is it?

  11. lily,

    There are no pressies under the tree… Uwahhhhh. 😦


    It’s really hard to get a real tree in Malaysia.


    No money… 😦

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