I have not been playing with my new toy as often I would like to since buying it two weeks ago. In fact, I’ve only touched it on three separate occasions. The day I unpacked it, the day when I was testing the games on it and one Saturday afternoon when I had nothing to do.

Moomoo knew about this, so this morning he came up to me in office with a grave look on his face.

Moomoo: Did you hear that? The soft sobbing sound?

Me: What sound?

Moomoo: It’s heartbreaking.

Me: I can’t hear anything.

Moomoo: It’s the sound of your PS3 crying for you because you have not touched it.

Me: Bitch…

Hmph… I’m going home now. To play with my PS3. Cis…


13 Responses

  1. I got one on Saturday – 40GB

    …and Assassins Creed is arriving on Friday!

    They make 80GBs? Thought they were phasing out the 60GB and continuing with the 40GB…

    What’s so special about the 80GB?

    Come – online challenge…when my FIFA arrives.

  2. i volunteer to play for you.. since you very busy and all that..

  3. jeevs,

    I want Assassins Cleed! Cannot get in Malaysia. Itu Vince cakap beli for me from Singapore or HK. Tapi tak tahu bila. 😦


    Hahaha. I charge rental. :p

  4. I can still hear his unloved PS3 crying. He rather play his “mobile phone game” over his PS3.

  5. so nice got ps3? why dun buy wii

  6. hmmmmmmm… J’s in desprate search for a 60GB PS3. Can’t find it in any shops we go to in London. He’ll just have to wait until 80GB comes to town! He’s a bit desperate as the 50″ plasma TV is arriving on the weekend and he wants a PS3 attached to it pronto! Yes, we are prioritising what we buy for our home.

  7. Dude,

    If you want, I can buy and mail to you…apa cakap?

  8. thanks jeevs… i’ll go and check it out!

  9. Moomoo,

    Haha. My secret’s out…


    PS3 way better than Wii.


    50 inch plasma? Wah…… J has his priorities in the right place. Hehehe.


    Oh yes please… :0)

  10. Anttyk,

    It’ll be about 30 squid tho…

  11. eh… SARA misses you leh… you ignore SARA, ignore PS3… what have you been up to la? 🙂

  12. atai,

    Oh yahorrr… I terforgot about SARA.

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